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Eduardo Robleto

Associate Professor
School of Life Sciences
Office: WHI 316
Phone: 702-895-2496
Fax: 702-895-3956


My laboratory focuses on the study of mutagenesis in cells under conditions of no-growth or under nutritional stress. We use Bacillus subtilis as a model to elucidate novel mechanisms that produce genetic diversity in conditions of stress. Particularly, we are interested in mutagenesis that is mediated by the process of transcription. These processes are influenced by universally conserved factors, provide novel views of the evolutionary process and apply to the formation of mutations in all organisms.

My research focuses on identifying novel mechanisms of mutation. I am particularly interested in elucidating cellular processes that generate mutations in non-replicating cells. These processes are important in evolution and apply to the acquisition of antibiotic resistance in human pathogens and to the formation of tumors in differentiated tissue.


Microbiology, DNA Repair and Mutagenesis, Bacterial Genetics


Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison

Selected Publications

  • Eduardo A. Robleto, Holly A. Martin, Amber M. Pepper and Mario Pedraza-Reyes. Gene Regulation of Sporulation in Bacillus subtilis. In: Bacterial Spores: Current Research and Applications. 2011. Ernesto Abel Santos, Editor. Caister Academic Press. 300p.
  • Mario Pedraza-Reyes, Norma Ramírez-Ramírez, Luz E. Vidales-Rodríguez and Eduardo A. Robleto. Mechanisms of Bacterial Spore Survival. In: Bacterial Spores: Current Research and Applications. 2011. Ernesto Abel Santos, Editor. Caister Academic Press. 300p.
  • Karina Lopez-Olmos, Martha Hernández, Jorge Contreras-Garduño, Eduardo Robleto, Peter Setlow, Ronald Yasbin, and Mario Pedraza-Reyes. Role of Endonuclease V, Uracil-DNA Glycosylase and Mismatch Repair in Bacillus subtilis DNA Base-Deamination-Induced Mutagenesis. J. Bacteriology. In Press.
  • Eduardo A. Robleto, Holly A. Martin and Mario Pedraza-Reyes. Mfd and transcriptional derepression are genetic diversity-causing agents in Bacillus subtilis stressed cells. Frontiers in Bioscience. In press.
  • Holly Anne Martin, Mario Pedraza-Reyes, Ronald E. Yasbin and Eduardo Robleto. Transcriptional De-repression and Mfd Mediate Mutagenic Events in Stressed Bacillus subtilis Cells. Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology. In Press.
  • Linh Nguyen, Stan Smith and Eduardo Robleto. Effect of elevated carbon dioxide on rhizosphere microbial communities of Larrea tridentata. 2011. Journal of Arid Environments. 75: 917-925.