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David Dickens, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology
Department of Sociology
Office: CBC-B 240


David Dickens' areas of specialization include critical and postmodern theory, qualitative methods, culture, and development. Dickens joined the UNLV department of sociology in 1984 and has published research in Symbolic Interaction, Cultural Studies, Sociological Perspectives, Studies in Symbolic Interaction, Gaming Research and Review Journal, and the International Journal of Comparative Sociology.

Recent Courses Taught

  • SOC 795 — Seminar on Postmodernism
  • SOC 795 — Seminar on Critical Theory
  • SOC 701 — Logic of Social Inquiry
  • SOC 497/697 — Celebrity Culture
  • SOC 724 — Contemporary Sociological Theory

Current Research Projects

  • Theorizing the Postmodern Transition
    In this research he proposes a conceptualization of contemporary society as one of transition between modern, industrial and postmodern, postindustrial society based on the neo-Marxist theory of late capitalism and Durkheim's concept of anomie.
  • Critical Theory of Postmodernity
    Here he offers an updating and reconceptualization of aspects from the Frankfurt School of critical theory. Particular emphasis is placed on contemporary changes in political economy as well as the culture industry.

Select Publications

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  • 2011 – Dickens, David R. "Is Las Vegas a 'Real City'?" Gaming Research and Review Journal 15,2:119-120.
  • 2010 – Dickens, David R. "Telos at Kansas." In Journal of No Illusions: The Legacy of Telos, edited by Ben Agger and Timothy Luke. New York: Telos Press.
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