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Select from one of the maps below. You can also find a campus location on our buildings list.

Interactive Google Map

This comprehensive map, optimized for desktop and mobile devices, allows you to find information about buildings, campus resources, and parking.

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Interactive Flash Maps

These maps are the easiest to view online and include additional information.

Campus Perspective Legend Ordered By Parking Info View
Main 45° Abbreviation   View
Main Aerial Abbreviation   View
Paradise 45° Abbreviation   View
Shadow Lane 45° Abbreviation   View

Printable PDF Maps

Use these PDF files to print or take a copy with you.

Legends are organized by three-letter building abbreviations or by building name. Abbreviations are helpful for referencing your class schedule.

Campus Perspective Building Legend Ordered By Parking Info PDF
Main 45° Abbreviation   Download
Main 45° Name   Download
Main Aerial Abbreviation   Download
Main Aerial Name   Download
Paradise 45° Abbreviation   Download
Paradise Aerial Abbreviation   Download
Shadow Lane 45° Name   Download
Shadow Lane Aerial Name   Download