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Meet the Rebel Ringers


Major: Music Education

In the two years that I have worked here, I have enjoyed hearing stories from all of the university’s alumni. I've been told that I made someone's day better just by having a conversation with them that evening. Thanks to the Rebel Ring, I have become more confident when speaking to people of all walks of life. And although I may not look tough, I train in Israeli martial arts on the weekends!


Major: Hotel Administration

My favorite phone call while working at the Rebel Ring Phonathon was a woman who told me I was the most respectful young man she had ever spoken to. Working here provides me with new stories from alumni every day. I now have the courage to speak to everyone I meet.


Major: Ph.D. in Higher Education

I originally hail from Boston, MA and have been working at the Rebel Ring Phonathon for the past year. I enjoy my co-worker's company and I like being able to share phone calls with each other. Working here has taught me the importance of development in higher education.


Major: Biology

I moved to Las Vegas from Chicago, and I hope to go into genetic research after I graduate. I really enjoy the positive atmosphere in the call center, and I received the Best New Hire award last fiscal year. One phone call, an alumnus was really upset that I was not the air conditioning company calling about her broken air conditioner. I felt so bad for her that she was dealing with the desert heat and no A/C!


Major: Psychology/Anthropology

My persuasion skills have improved significantly since I started calling for the Rebel Ring Phonathon. I love being more involved with my university and knowing that I am raising money for UNLV. I actually enjoy coming into work and having a fun time. I spoke to a woman on the phone whose advice to me was to follow my bliss. I use that as my life motto now.


Major: Violin Performance/Music Composition

Working at the Rebel Ring Phonathon is so much more than just raising funds for the university. I enjoy hearing how alumni have used their degrees since graduation and what their lives are like. I have also been chosen as Caller of the Week a few times! I hope to write film scores one day, and I perform on my violin whenever I can.


Major: Music Education

As a scholar for the ArtsBridge Scholarship, I get to teach an elementary school class about music. Alumni I have spoken with have given me great advice, especially about teaching. I hope to go on to teach music in an elementary school once I graduate. I love being able to work with fellow UNLV students and sharing stories about our phone calls at the end of the day.


Major: Criminal Justice

I am the ultimate Los Angeles sports fan; from baseball, to basketball and even football. After graduating, I would like to work for the county as a juvenile probation officer. Working at the UNLV call center has helped me become a better listener. I don't hold any records yet, but I plan on obtaining one this fiscal year.


Major: Physics

Working for the call center is particularly fulfilling for me because I know that at the end of the day I am helping my university and fellow students. In the three years I have worked here, I have enjoyed working with all of the other Rebel Ringers. I hope to attend graduate school and continue in the field of science.


Major: Psychology

I've been working at the Rebel Ring Phonathon since I started attending UNLV. I have worked my way up to supervisor and hold the record for the most gifts on credit card, weekly and nightly. I really enjoy it when someone I have talked to in previous years recognizes my voice, and we catch up on what has happened over the past year. I hope to become a clinical psychologist after attending graduate school.


Major: Entertainment Engineering & Design

Competition is a really fun part of the UNLV call center. Everyone strives to be the best caller and break previous records. I have received Caller of the Week in the past, and I raised over 20% of the funds made at the phonathon last fiscal year. I have really come out of my shell since starting my job here at the call center. I hope to continue breaking records with the rest of my time here.


Major: Music Education

I play the euphonium, and I am part of the UNLV Marching Band and Pep Band. I like being able to connect with fellow music majors over the phone and talk about how their experiences differ from my own. I really enjoy the fact that I get along with all the other callers at Rebel Ring and that we support one another throughout every shift.


Major: Music

I enjoy working at the UNLV Phonathon because I enjoy working along students who are working to improve their university. I like knowing that I am helping out my school at the end of the day. My most memorable phone call was an individual who said that Elvis bought his mother groceries. One day, I would like to become a doctor of music therapy.


Major: Nutrition

It is nice to know that I am helping my university since it has helped me grow as a person. Working at the Rebel Ring has given me more insight into the Las Vegas community. In the future, I hope to become a registered dietician and continue to give back to our community.


Major: Business Management

I am a local Las Vegan and am excited to be trying out for kicker on the UNLV football team this year. I like working as a Rebel Ringer knowing that I am helping out the university. In the future, I plan to become a firefighter and stay active in the Las Vegas community.


Major: Biology/Psychology

I am originally from Pakistan, and working at the Rebel Ring was my first job on campus. The position has really helped build my confidence and has made me a better listener. As I work towards attending medical school, being a Rebel Ringer has taught me compassion and the joys of working on a team.


Major: Music Education

Originally from Ohio, I moved to Las Vegas three years ago and have been working at the Rebel Ring for the past year. I enjoy speaking with UNLV alumni and making connections with them, while also fundraising for my school. As a music major, I am an aspiring recording artist, singing and writing music in my spare time.


Major: History

I am a native of Las Vegas and want to go into education as an academic advisor or a history teacher. I’m naturally a shy person and working at the Rebel Ring has encouraged me to improve my communication skills.