Our mission is to understand and improve the lives of women locally and globally through research, education, and action. We further our mission by pursuing four key types of research:


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We recognize the importance of bringing together scholars from different disciplines to conduct transformational research. We support interdisciplinarity by:

  • Producing new research that draws from a number of disciplines;
  • Promoting collaboration among researchers to address pressing social questions;
  • Disseminating scholarship on women to researchers across disciplines to increase awareness of approaches outside one's own field; and
  • Working to make universities and colleges better at facilitating and rewarding interdisciplinary research.


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We believe in using knowledge to solve problems in the real world. We work to apply the lessons of scholarly research by:

  • Working with governments and community groups to develop outreach programs based on solid research;
  • Helping community groups apply for grant money and carry out work that helps to solve problems in the community;
  • Sponsoring talks and workshops about how research helps us to understand and solve the problems facing women in our community; and
  • Providing plain language summaries of important research on women so that it is accessible to members of the community.


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We are dedicated to teaching and mentoring women and others who want to learn more about gender issues. We support education by:

  • Hosting the annual National Education for Women's Leadership (NEW-L) Nevada program to empower the next generation of women leaders;
  • Educating teachers and professors about how to make their classrooms work for students of all genders;
  • Providing mentorship and community for aspiring female researchers; and
  • Training the next generation of scholars through internships and research fellowships at WRIN.


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We produce and promote scholarly work that yields new insights into the lives of experiences of women. We do this by:

  • Hosting the Gender Research Roundtable series to provide feedback on new research projects;
  • Helping government and community partners develop research designs to support their initiatives about girls and women;
  • Training promising junior scholars to conduct traditional academic research; and
  • Recognizing the work of female scholars in Featured ResearcHer profiles and awards.