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Homepage Slide Criteria

General Guidelines

The featured item must

  • Have interest or affect multiple university stakeholders
  • Reinforce the university’s core mission and messages: research, arts & culture, education and community impact.

Audience pages (Students, Alumni, Faculty/Staff, Donors, etc.) should be

  • Used to announce specific items of interest to a targeted group.
    • Students page: Admissions & registration deadlines, call for entries, RSVP requests, etc.
    • Faculty/Staff: HR training, internal communications and announcements, etc.

What we will feature

Campus Impact and Emergency Notices

  • Server down periods, campus closures (Winter Break, Budget, Town Halls)

Feature Articles

  • Student, alumni, and faculty stories (taken from campus publications, including Impacts, UNLV Magazine, college/alumni e-newsletters)

Major Campus Events

  • Convocation, Commencement, Rebel Connection, Homecoming
  • Building openings and dedication ceremonies

Major Performing Arts Events

  • Notable national and world performers

Major Athletic Accomplishments

  • Conference, national and international championships
  • Individual alumni achievements

Major Campaign Announcements & Milestones

  • 50th Anniversary
  • Long-range Fundraising Campaigns

Campus Speakers

  • Prominent figure known by a broad general audience (current and past national presidents, Nobel Laureates, prominent journalists and/or writers)
  • Special consideration will be given to the Barrick Lecture Series, Brookings Institution lectures, and Black Mountain Institute speakers

Memorial Announcements

  • Subject to the death and memorial policy

Major University Recruitment Efforts

  • Open houses for California students

What we will not feature


  • As a general rule lectures should be featured in the calendar, not on the homepage slide rotation

Specific Class Offerings

  • Because of sheer volume, we cannot accommodate this request; however, occasionally bundling several offerings together is acceptable.
    • Student Recreation Center summer offerings, Continuing Education, Summer Term, Mid-Semester Grades, etc.

Office Moves

  • Unless the move affects crucial services accessed by a broad audience.

New Website Launch/Releases

  • Unless part of a major campus event.

College Recruitment and Fundraising Events

  • College websites and audience pages should be used to promote these events.

Calls for Entries/or Participation

  • In research studies, contests, etc. These requests should be directed to the appropriate audience page.
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