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Quick Start Guide for SSH Secure FTP

1. After installation of SSH Secure Shell, double click the SSH Secure File Transfer icon located on your desktop.


2. Choose Quick Connect.


3. Enter the host name (web.unlv.edu) and your user name (login). Ignore the last two boxes. Click the Connect button.


4. The first time you attempt to connect, you will see a Host Identification dialog box. Click on the Yes button to save the host key. (Note: After choosing "yes," you won't see this screen again when connecting to web.unlv.edu.)


5. Enter your password and click OK.


6. Double click the www folder to access your web directory.


7. To publish files to the server, drag them to the window pane labeled Remote Name. To copy files from the web server to your computer, drag them to the window pane labeled Local Name.


8. To disconnect from the server, click the small computer icon with the red slash through it.

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