Content Freeze Dec. 9-16 (Subject to Change)

We will have a content freeze between Dec. 9-16 in order to launch the new updated site.

These changes will all be on the back-end, so all sites within that we have built and maintained won’t look different. 

This does not include:

Website Updates

Unless it is an emergency situation, we will not be able to update your website during this time period. The Work Request Form will be taken down temporarily from the website during this time so that website edits cannot be submitted. If there are emergency changes that need to be made on your website during this time period, please email me (


If somebody fills out a form on your site, you will get notified of the submission by email; however, you will not be able to access it on the website during the content freeze. 

This will affect all areas of your unit websites, and commonly used submission forms on the main UNLV website, including:

  • Events: Please plan ahead and submit your events prior to the freeze. Unless an event is cancelled, we will not be making any adjustments to the calendar and the event submission form will not be available.
  • Announcements: You will not be able to log in to your announcements module to add messages during this time frame.
  • UNLV Today: The daily digest will be paused during this time. Please plan to send messages out sooner, or wait until the freeze is over.
  • Speakers and Experts, and Accomplishments: These forms will be taken down during the content freeze. You will be able to submit prior or after the freeze when the form is back up.