Seeing Past the Unknown | Heather Wilde | TEDxUNLV

We humans are starting to lose the basic connection with our emotional reaction to the unknown. Heather Wilde demonstrates in this passionate talk, how understanding our reactions when we encounter new ideas or experiences can have extraordinary results. Heather Wilde is no stranger to seeing the future and grabbing opportunities for herself and her friends. She is a keynote speaker, media guest and offers workshops around the world in helping people find their "Unicorn Power." A self-proclaimed "infrastructure geek", she has spent her life pursuing the ultimate underlying "why" of why people act the way they do. To that end, she is certified in multiple behavioral coaching and neuroscience methodologies and is internationally recognized for her coaching, mentorship and executive skills, including commendations from Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and US Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid for her work. Wilde is a four-time chief technology officer, serves on multiple advisory boards and has multiple awards including the 2016 High Tech Female Mentor of the Year. She's an author, classically trained opera singer, software programmer, sailor, private pilot, game designer, former actor and model, and amateur chef. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at