We Got This

Transitioning 5,000 courses to remote instruction in the middle of the semester has certainly created challenges for the UNLV community. We're making it happen despite hiccups, the odd dog barking in the middle of a class, and maybe a touch of homebound restlessness. Hear what a group of Honors College students have to say about the lessons of this moment in which we find ourselves. More on university operations during this time: https://www.unlv.edu/coronavirus THANK YOU to Jaclyn Costello and all the students who participated in this video: Mia Bruce Brandon Huynh Francis Miles Anisco Sydney Szostek Yaribel Reyes Sara Adnan Finn Mendelssohn Caoile (and Kiwi the dog) Elia Neeley Jonah Gavish Dariel Ley Jacqueline Martin Scott Luk Gilberto Murillo Daniel Fisher Alina Lindquist Estefania Herrera Natalya Dagher Irene Wang Franquoise Dae Duenas Sydney Christopherson Christian Santiago-Garcia Marianne Malbas Natalie Klainer Mia Dominguez Mackenzie Carcelli Shila Sherafat Music provided by Ayla Schafer "Vuela con el Viento."