Vegas 2.0: The Greatest Game You've Never Played | Sam McMullen | TEDxUNLV

Sam McMullen, takes us on his life journey and introduces you to the extreme and evolving future of Las Vegas. A true futurist, Sam sees a changing landscape of entertainment options designed to attract new and younger visitors to Vegas, including eSports, video game play, and augmented and virtual reality experiences. Sam McMullen is a diverse and hypercurious entrepreneur. His career has focused on promoting emerging and next-generation technologies that will improve experiences and economies in many areas. Currently, he's working to build strong relationships between the visionary thinkers and venue representatives who are creating the next generation of guest and play experiences in Nevada relating to eSports. During the 2015 Nevada Legislative Session, Sam served as an advisor and expert, assisting the lobbyists and groups who were instrumental in the passage of Senate Bill 9. This requires the Nevada Gaming Commission to adopt regulations relating to the development of technology in gaming. Sam is at the unique point in his career where his wide range of diverse expertise is coming together: eSports, video games, casinos, biometrics, software, hardware, and entertainment. Sam and his team at FiveGen are working to develop not just new software tools, but the future of casino gaming. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at