About UNLV

From creating community partnerships and advancing student achievement, to promoting research, scholarship, and creative activity, we work hard to reach our top tier goals.

  • The Intersection: UNLV\'s Academic Multicultural Center

    We are a one-stop resource for UNLV’s highly diverse student body — a comprehensive multicultural center grounded in the academic life of our students. As an intersecting campus resource, we help ensure students, particularly first-generation and students of color, successfully navigate their academic careers. More information: https://www.unlv.edu/intersection

  • Interview with Football Coach Tony Sanchez

    Tony Sanchez talks about the Fertitta Football Complex, the new 73,000-square-foot football training facility. The Fertitta family is making the new building possible after pledging $10 million — the largest single gift in the athletic department’s history — toward the state-of-the-art facility to be built on the UNLV campus at the north end of team’s practice area.

  • Why UNLV?

    UNLV is a "place of infinite possibilities," and our students, faculty, and staff talk about what they love about being on campus.

  • We are Rebels

    Since our first classes were held on campus in 1957, UNLV has transformed itself into a thriving urban research institution. Along the way, our urban university has become an indispensable resource in one of the country's fastest-growing and most enterprising cities.

  • Commencement Recap: Winter 2016

    Congratulations to the #UNLVGrad Class of 2016. Thank you to graduate speaker Jennifer Fielding and undergraduate speaker Michelle Troup.

  • Premier UNLV - 2016

    The Rebel Events Board helped UNLV receive a Guinness World Record for the most LED lights lit simultaneously during the University 2016 Premier Annual Event! Music: "This Girl" - Kings & Cookie' On 3 Burners (we do not own the audio copyrights to the song used in the film)

  • UNLV: Different, Daring, and Diverse

    Rebels take chances and inspire action. We are daring, diverse, curious, and creative. We come together in our differences to discover, innovate, and succeed.

  • About UNLV: A Message from President Jessup

    We prepare more than 30,000 students every year to succeed. No matter where your path leads, UNLV will get you there.

  • UNLV College of Sciences

    Researchers in the UNLV College of Sciences are shaping the future of science and society through education, discovery, and innovation. Learn more about the college here: https://www.unlv.edu/sciences/research/video

  • This is Our Honors College (UNLV)

    This short film captures a few moments from the lives of Honors students at UNLV. The Honors College at UNLV is a small, selective college that offers an exceptional undergraduate core experience to high achieving students. Explore: https://www.unlv.edu/honors/life Apply: https://www.unlv.edu/honors/admissions/universityhonors Visit: https://www.unlv.edu/admissions/visits

  • UNLV Athletics

  • Interview: English major Myles Lum

    Hear why English major Myles Lum is proud to be a part of UNLV.

  • Dining Commons Legend: Minnie Epps

    An interview with Minne Epps, lead cashier for UNLV Dining Commons.

  • UNLV in Focus: 60th Anniversary, Solar Sendoff, and more (September 2017)

    A recap of events in September 2017. Including: - An award-winning performance from UNLV Jazz Ensemble 1 (they received the top award in "Big Band" in April at the Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival) - A sendoff event for Team Las Vegas Solar Decathlon - Our annual State of the University address - 60th anniversary party with Mayor Carolyn Goodman Special thanks to David N. Viger, Jr., Chairman, UNLV Jazz Studies Advisory Board for performance footage.

  • Engineering a Mean Fastball

    UPDATE: Hailey has reached her goal and finished her #Journeyto30! More info: https://www.unlv.edu/news/release/eight-year-old-hailey-dawson-completes-her-journey-30 Hailey Dawson throws a powerful fastball. Armed with her UNLV-built "Robohand," this amazing 7-year-old threw out the opening pitch at Game 4 of the World Series. UNLV’s College of Engineering faculty and students teamed up to design and produce a 3-D printed, robotic hand that enabled Hailey to grab, grasp, grow, and throw. Due to a rare condition called Poland Syndrome, Dawson was born without a right pectoral muscle. We're helping to bring national attention to solutions for other children with Poland Syndrome. Donate here: https://rebelraiser.unlv.edu/project/7661 Learn more: https://www.unlv.edu/engineering/haileyshand Follow along with Hailey's journey: Twitter @haileys_hand Instagram @haileys_hand

  • 2017 Year-in-Review

    Looking back at 2017, President Len Jessup (2015-2018) recalls the inspiring accomplishments of our student body, faculty, and staff.

  • CCSD & UNLV Pollen Monitoring Program

    Allergy season is here! CCSD/UNLV pollen program researchers Tanvi Patel and Asma Tahir discuss the daily sampling process to track what makes us sneeze during allergy season in Las Vegas. More info: www.unlv.edu/news

  • Organ Regeneration Research

    New research into the process of cell and organ regeneration is being conducted by Dr. Kelly Ai-Sun Tseng and her lab at UNLV's School of Life Sciences. More info: www.unlv.edu/news

  • Welcome Message from President Marta Meana (2018)

    As we start the new school year, President Marta Meana inspires us to move forward in our mission to prepare our students for highly successful and socially impactful lives. unlv.edu/president

  • The Fremont Cannon Returns

    The Rebel community painted the famous Fremont Cannon Monday after the UNLV Football team’s thrilling, come-from-behind 34-29 victory over the Wolf Pack on Saturday at Sam Boyd Stadium.

  • Commencement Recap: Winter 2018

    Congratulations to the class of 2018! 2,146 students graduated in our winter ceremony, hailing from 33 states and 49 countries. 63% of graduates came from underrepresented groups. Our youngest graduate is 20 years old, and our oldest is 72. UNLV has granted 136,000+ degrees since our first graduating class in 1964. More info: https://www.unlv.edu/news/release/unlv-celebrate-winter-2018-commencement-dec-18 Outstanding grads: https://www.unlv.edu/news/article/simply-outstanding-1

  • Behind-the-Scenes of the Fremont Cannon\'s Makeover

    An inside look of the painting and polishing that makes the Fremont Cannon shine with UNLV pride. UNLV won the famous Fremont Cannon, college football's biggest trophy, after UNLV Football's thrilling, come-from-behind 34-29 victory over the Wolf Pack in November.

  • Student Success at UNLV

    How do you define student success? Students share their stories about reaching goals during their time at UNLV.

  • Get Involved at UNLV

    It’s a proven fact: students who are involved in campus activities, clubs, and organizations are more likely to have a successful college experience in and out of the classroom. See how you can make it happen: https://www.unlv.edu/campuslife/get-involved

  • Black Fire Innovation Tour

    Look inside the first building at the #UNLV Harry Reid Research & Technology Park! The centerpiece of the debut building is Black Fire Innovation, bringing UNLV & Caesars Entertainment together to advance trends in hospitality & gaming technology. MORE: https://www.unlv.edu/news/release/black-fire-innovation-highlights-opening-debut-research-building-unlv-tech-park

  • Welcome to #UNLVOrientation

    You are now a member of the Rebel Family! New Student Orientation will help you make a successful transition to UNLV. Tell us what being a Rebel means to you! #WhyUNLV #UNLVOrientation #UNLVBound https://www.unlv.edu/orientation

  • #DiscoverUNLV: A Look at Our Instagram-Worthy Campus

    Located minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip, and just a short drive from numerous attractions, our 330-acre campus is at the heart of this thriving city.

  • #DiscoverUNLV: A Look at Our Instagram-Worthy Campus

    Dripping in the golden desert sun and spread across 350 acres in the heart of Las Vegas, UNLV provides nowhere-else opportunities in this 24-hour metropolis. And while Las Vegas might be the center of it all, it doesn’t take long to slip the bonds of this little oasis and get out into the desert, as we are just minutes from natural getaways and less than a day’s drive from the entire American Southwest. unlv.edu/viewbook

  • What a #RebelHomecoming Week!

    2021 Homecoming Recap: We celebrated tradition in style as Rebels returned to Homecoming for a week of events. unlv.edu/homecoming