Snapchat Stories

  • Sociology Professor Georgiann Davis takes over ­čĹ╗officialunlv

    Sociology professor & professor-in-residence Georgiann Davis takes over the officialunlv Snapchat account. She showcases a day in her life on campus featuring her classes and introducing other faculty in the sociology department.

  • Kinesiology major & Rebel recruiter Ki Ana takes over ­čĹ╗officialUNLV

    Ki Ana showcases a day in her life with a look at the Honors College, a kinesiology lab, and a campus tour with a group of prospective Rebels.

  • Barrick 50th Anniversary Exhibit Snapchat Tour

    Check out the Barrick Museum exhibits in honor of their 50th anniversary celebrated in 2017. More information:

  • Theatre major Miles takes over ­čĹ╗officialUNLV

    Follow along with theatre major Miles during a day in his life at UNLV -- including script writing classes, campus tours, and a theatre production!

  • RebFest 2017

    Check out the second RebFest featuring a line-up of awesome bands presented by KUNV.