Do you believe in the power of higher education? Watch these profiles and become a believer. They'll say education gave them value. But it also makes them invaluable to our state.

  • UNLV Graduate Student, John Starkey

    John Starkey, '10 UNLV BA Marketing, current Academic Success Center coach and graduate student in higher education. For most young kids, Disney World is the place of dreams and wonder. Not John Starkey. He vividly recalls watching a TV special on the happiest place on Earth when he was 8 or 9. It crushed his spirit because he couldn't imagine ever escaping small-town poverty and his family's cycle of addiction to make that trip. He's been there twice now and, with the support he found at UNLV, is taking on much bigger challenges.

  • UNLV Student, Alex Gill

    Alex came to UNLV to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor. While getting all those pre-reqs for medical school, he also gained a passion for volunteering through UNLV programs. He says his college experience instilled in him a lifelong commitment to giving back — as a health care professional and a community member.

  • UNLV Alumnus, Rick Darnold

    Rick Darnold had a rocky start in college, thanks to too much skiing and too little studying. He soon had an epiphany that led him back to college, and now this UNLV grad is a top executive at Boyd Gaming and an active community leader.

  • UNLV Alumni, Tony and Elaine Sanchez

    Both Tony and Elaine Sanchez tout the invaluable resource that UNLV provides to their companies. They have found UNLV to be a pipeline for providing the engineers, accountants, legal experts, and service professionals that keeps NV Energy and McCarran International Airport progressing. But the real value of UNLV, they say, comes from the university's role in the community.

  • UNLV Student, Karla Washington

    Poor, black, high school dropout -- Karla Washington didn't have a great start in life. She languished in a series of low-wage, no-benefit jobs. Then a pregnancy test woke her up. If you believe in the power of higher education, click here:

  • The Keys to Nevada\'s Prosperity

    Three local business leaders, and alums share their thoughts on UNLV's role in Nevada's prosperity.

  • UNLV Alumna, Beatriz Alcala

    Beatriz Alcala's parents wanted better for their daughter. They've worked decades now as a maid and cook, weathering the layoffs and furloughs that came with the vagaries of our tourism economy. Beatriz was a good student - but college seemed impossible. Then UNLV and the Millennium Scholarship came along.

  • UNLV Alumna, Pat Mulroy

    Pat Mulroy is a rarity among the powerbrokers of water. She's a woman and she majored in German literature; her counterparts generally worked their way up through science and engineering. Looking back, Mulroy credits UNLV with providing just the right opportunities for her to seize. Now, 35 years later, she hopes those opportunities doesn't dry up for the generation of Nevadans just beginning their careers.