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Student Success

Design your academic journey with a variety of classes.

Our students are 21st century change agents. Therefore, our college mission is to ensure students achieve their goals to make a positive impact in their communities. As urban cities continue to grow, students will need to have the knowledge and skills to adapt themselves into a multidisciplinary workforce. Our academic programs address youth homelessness, crime and safety, digital storytelling, civic engagement, collaboration, community engagement, and public policy. Our classes, organizations, research programs, and private-public partnerships are geared toward student success. Contact the Urban Advising Center or email urbanaffairs@unlv.edu for information on selecting a major.

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Urban Adventure (GSC 300)

This required, experiential, scenario-based class puts undergraduate students right in the middle of the action to solve a metropolitan crime. Utilizing core skills and knowledge from across the urban affairs disciplines, students enhance their interpersonal communication and critical thinking abilities, their leadership and collaboration skills, their capacity to interact with the media, their ability to empathize with people and understand how communities provide social support, their knowledge of the justice system, and ability to conduct a criminal investigation.

Oral Communication (COM 101)

Develop skills necessary for effective public speaking.

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Human Behavior and Environment Foundation (SW 315)

This class looks at human behavior at the levels of individuals, families, and micro-groups. The subjects covered include: the impact of social, cultural, and economic forces on individual, family, and group well-being and how those forces can create dysfunction. This class is offered to students in social work.

Ethics in Urban Studies (URST 423)

This class is an exploration of ethical issues in urban settings. Students will examine philosophical foundations of ethics as well as contemporary case studies of ethical problems such as gift giving, nepotism, privacy and secrecy, whistleblowing activity and protections.

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Podcasting (JOUR 427)

The modern journalist is tasked with understanding the practical application of gathering, editing, and producing audio news within the converged journalism and media environment. We use podcasting as the site for learning about these changes.

Women in Crime (CRJ 428)

This class takes a deeper look at women as offenders and as processed through the criminal justice system; women as victims and the response of the criminal justice system and the community.

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Get Involved in a Student Organization

Students in our college are encouraged to learn about urban contexts through their coursework, research, and practice. By learning through cutting edge curriculum, engaging in community partnerships, participating in student organizations, and interacting with a high-quality faculty, students have opportunities to become change agents.