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Centers, Institutes, and Labs

Center for Crime and Justice Policy

Center for Crime and Justice Policy is a research center that examines a wide range of criminal justice topics, including police tactics and technologies, school violence, community crime prevention, community corrections, and prisoner re-entry. The center is designed to capitalize on the expertise of UNLV faculty who specialize in all areas of scientific inquiry and policy development, particularly in the field of criminal justice. CCJP maintains a close affiliation with Tourism Safety & Crowd Science (TSCS). CCJP also administers Nevada's Statistical Analysis Center (SAC).

MGM Resorts Public Policy Institute

The MGM Resorts Public Policy Institute at UNLV pursues case-based research, brings together expert viewpoints, curates compelling content and spotlights promising projects that are addressing fundamental questions about the future of work.

Public Communication Initiative

The Public Communication Initiative provides workshops and consultations to help faculty, staff, and students develop skills in adapting messages and information to various audiences in oral, visual, and mediated channels. The Public Communication Initiative conducts and collaborates on original research regarding public communication, communication strategies, and topics of interest to the local community. Current research initiatives include a climate survey with Governor Sisolak's office about Nevadans' opinions on climate change, strategies for communicating about vaccination safety, and scientists' perceptions of public understanding regarding nuclear energy.

Communication Lab

The Communication Lab is a partnership between the Department of Communication Studies and the Academic Success Center. The lab supports students in cultivating their communication skills to create and deliver any public speech or presentation. Faculty and staff provide guidance on building an outline, refining speech content, and practicing effective speaking strategies. The goal is to assist students of all experience levels at any stage in their speech development process.