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Tier I & II Criteria/Publications

Tier I Criteria

  • There are large quantities of 2,000 or more.
  • It is the first, or one of the first steps, in the articulation process.
  • The target audience is external.
  • It is a situation in which UNLV needs to make a good first impression.

Tier I Publications

The Tier I Publications include (but are not limited to):

  • Viewbooks
    • UNLV's Colleges
    • Admissions
    • Graduate College
  • Profile of a University
  • President's State of the University Address
  • UNLV's Research brochure
  • Graduate and Undergraduate Catalog
  • Fall, Spring and Summer Class schedules
  • Continuing Education catalogs and programs
  • Scholarship Financial Services Guidebook
  • Campus Housing Application Handbook
  • Residence Hall Community Living Guidebook
  • It's Academic
  • UNLV Magazine

Tier II Criteria

  • There are quantities of 500 or more.
  • The target audience is external.
  • It enhances or supports the university's recruitment efforts and Tier I publications.
  • It maintains relationships with key publics.

Tier II Publications

The Tier II Publications include (but are not limited to):

  • Mini Viewbooks
    • For the departments within each college
    • For each graduate program
  • Graduate Department posters and print ads
  • Student Life brochures
    • Rebel Connection
    • Parking Map
    • International Student Services
    • Student Employment
  • Admissions brochures
    • Accent on admissions
    • Preparing for college
    • WUE
    • Student Employment
    • Millennium Scholarship
    • Residency for Tuition purposes at UNLV
  • FYI
  • College Newsletters
  • Alumni News
  • Faculty/Staff website
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