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Communications Tools

A quick guide for UNLV communicators to the tools available to them.

University Communication Websites

News Center

Audience: General
Focus: UNLV's primary tool for editorial content. Content produced by University Communications as well as some contributions from communicators in colleges/units. Story types include feature articles, news releases, photo slideshows, videos. Content must be placed here to be distributed through enewsletters, social media, homepage slides. Also includes: In the News, UNLV Speakers/Experts Directory, Accomplishments, and UNLV Today (further details on these below)

Best for: News and feature content for a general audience.
Not for: Distributing. Content is pushed out through social media and enewsletters.
Effort required: Extensive to create content; moderate to post
Contact: Cate Weeks, 895-2626


Audience: UNLV employees and students.
Distribution: Posted online monthly. 
Focus: Self-submitted briefs highlighting the professional accomplishments of UNLV faculty, staff, students, and departments.
Best for: Awards, published works, conference presentations, etc.
Not for: Community or alumni accomplishments. Alumni accomplishments should be submitted to Class Notes for publication in UNLV Magazine.
Effort required: Minimal. Entries reviewed, possibly edited for clarity, grammar, appropriateness, and length.
Contact: Diane Russell, 895-0894

UNLV Homepage and Audience Homepage slides

Audience: All website visitors.
Distribution: A weekly rotation, but quick turnaround possible.
Focus: To welcome visitors to the website and to UNLV.
Best for: Promoting UNLV's stories, highlighting major campus events, and resource reminders. Slides should link to other UNLV websites for details.
Not for: Detailed information. Homepage slides need broad appeal to large audience. For targeted audiences, use Audience slides.
Effort required: Minimal. Copy should be quick, catchy. High-quality photo required.
Contact: Cate Weeks, 895-2626; Deana Waddell, 895-5497

UNLV Calendar

Audience: All
Distribution: Posted on calendar site. Major events featured on homepage module. Feeds to other websites can be created for specific event types.
Focus: Central source for UNLV event information. ALL EVENTS should be listed here first.
Best for: Lectures, performances, academic events, cultural activities, major deadlines, and athletic events.
Not for: Courses, internal staff meetings, events not consistent with existing university policies, events of a personal nature or not related to UNLV, or solicitations.
Effort required: Minimal. Entries reviewed, possibly edited for clarity, grammar, appropriateness, and length.
Contact: Isabelle Johnson, 895-3963

Speakers/Experts Directory

Distribution: Online in UNLV News Center.
Focus: Guide for community groups and journalists to find experts on campus.
Best for: Reference on campus experts. Also integrated with News Center content so News Center stories are automatically linked to the expert's bio.
Not for: Storytelling.
Effort required: Minimal. Faculty/staff can be listed just by filling out the join form. Community groups/journalists can browse directory and request a specific person or request help.

Print Publications

UNLV Magazine

Audience: 60,000 alumni, donors, and community leaders.
Distribution: Mail. 2x year.
Focus: A reflection of the culture of UNLV and the experiences, opinions, and emotions of its graduates and faculty.
Best for: Depth stories, particularly on major initiatives. Alumni profiles. Personality-driven stories. Campus history. Quirky stuff.
Not for: Time-sensitive materials. For targeted audiences. For students.
Effort required: Extensive coordination. More focus on quality of writing & visuals. Harder to get stories placed. Longer lead times.
Contact: Cate Weeks, 895-2626

UNLV Highlights / UNLV 101/ Misc Collateral

Audience: Varies.
Focus: Points of pride and proof of UNLV's value.
Best for: Facts and interesting blurbs repurposed for publications in fact sheets, 101 book, etc. University achievements, community programs, faculty and student milestones, and institutional statistics.
Not for: In-depth pieces, breaking news.
Effort required: Moderate to extensive coordination. Generally pulled from other sources. Time needed to gather and verify information and produce.
Contact: Donna McAleer, 895-0897

College Newsletters

Many of the individual colleges and departments on campus produce their own print and electronic publications. For information, visit the college websites.

Email Communication

"From the News Center" eNewsletter

Audience: External, local community.
Distribution: Weekly on Thursdays. Emailed to external audience (about 6,000 alumni, donors and community members). Anyone can subscribe.
Focus: Articles and upcoming events that appeal to a general audience
Best for: Shorter newsy items, multimedia stories, stories that drive readers to web.
Not for: Depth stories.
Effort required: Minimal to send but stories must be uploaded into the News Center first.
URL: Subscribe at
Contact: Cate Weeks, 895-2626, or Donna McAleer, 895-0897

UNLV Today

Audience: UNLV employees.
Distribution: Daily enewsletter during workweek.
Focus: General announcements. Also includes listings of events from the UNLV Calendar and the latest content posted in the News Center.
Best for: Training and professional development, HR and employment announcements, new hires and retirements, organizational changes.
Not for: Students. Community members. Messages not consistent with existing university policy (political and religious policy), messages of a purely personal nature.
Effort required: Minimal. Submissions reviewed and edited for clarity, grammar, and appropriateness.
Contact: Diane Russell, 895-0894


Audience: Students.
Distribution: Weekly (arrives in student Rebelmail inboxes on Saturday).
Focus: General announcements.
Best for: Events and announcements.
Not for: Faculty/staff. Community members. Messages not consistent with existing university policy (political and religious policy).
Effort required: Minimal. Submissions reviewed, possibly edited for clarity, grammar, and appropriateness.
Contact: OIT, 895-0777

UNLV Official Emails

Audience: Faculty and staff
Distribution: As needed. Sent through Lotus Notes. Each vice president has oversees a UNLV Official account and approvals are at their discretion.
Focus: Information that the entire campus needs to receive
Best for: Major policy changes, building power outages, and immediate parking lot closures.
Not for: General announcements - use UNLV Today instead.
Effort required: Minimal.
Contact: The vice president over your unit. Contact info:

UNLV In the News

Audience: University officials, regents, anyone who's interested
Distribution: Emailed daily by Media Relations to small list of subscribers
Focus: Listing of articles about UNLV or that quote our experts
Best for: Keeping someone updated on news coverage.
Not for: Non-alumni activities.
Effort required: Minimal
URL: (email
Contact: Tony Allen, 895-0893

Alumni Newsletters/Flash

Audience: Alumni (whose emails we have).
Distribution: As needed to 40,000 alumni and leaders.
Focus: Alumni Association activities, events promotion
Best for: Short, timely articles.
Not for: Non-alumni activities.
Effort required: Moderate coordination. Advance time needed to write, edit, and produce.
Contact: Amy Bouchard, 895-5587

Social Media

Visit the Social Media Directory for a full listing of accounts.

UNLV Official Facebook, UNLV News Twitter

Audience: General. UNLV followers.
Distribution: Post as necessary.
Focus: Keeping constituents informed and engaged in conversation.
Best for: Quick bits of information, event details, news about UNLV, photos, and videos. Personal messages.
Not for: Detailed messages, nonuniversity promotions.
Effort required: Minimal effort required to post; some effort required to respond to posts and tweets and on when to post based on event dates/deadlines.
Contact: For UNLVNews twitter, UNLV Media Relations, 702-895-3102; for other sites, Web Communications, 895-2886

Videos (YouTube and Others)

Audience: General
Distribution: Videos posted on the YouTube channel and on UNLV websites as available, and cross-promoted via other social media channels.
Focus: Personal messages about UNLV.
Best for: Editorial stories, promotional videos/commercials, recordings of major events, interviews with president and faculty.
Not for: Breaking news.
Effort required: Extensive coordination for filming, editing, and posting videos.
Contact: Web Communications, 895-2886

Media Specific

News Releases

Distribution: As necessary to appropriate news media and posted to UNLV News Center page.
Focus: Background information for the news media.
Best for: Relaying background information about research breakthroughs, noteworthy publications, community outreach efforts, and campus initiatives.
Not for: Nonmedia.
Effort required: Moderate to extensive. Writing, distribution time, and follow up.
Contact: Tony Allen, 895-0893

Media Advisory

Distribution: As necessary to targeted list of news media and, when appropriate, posted to UNLV "News and Announcements" page.
Focus: Date-sensitive information.
Best for: Relaying background information on "day of" event.
Not for: Nonmedia.
Effort required: Moderate. Writing, distribution time, and follow up.
Contact: Tony Allen, 895-0893

Email/Phone Pitch

Distribution: As necessary.
Focus: Less formal, targeted to specific media outlets/reporters.
Best for: Faculty/student expertise on topics making news, ongoing campus research, time sensitive campus events/initiatives, and community outreach programs.
Not for: Nonmedia.
Effort required: Moderate. Writing, distribution time, and follow up.
Contact: Tony Allen, 895-0893

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