Student Achievement

UNLV will be a national leader in education and will promote excellence in teaching undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students. We will recruit, retain, and graduate a diverse body of motivated students through the strength of our innovative learning experiences, access to mentoring and research opportunities, and our vibrant campus community. Our highly qualified master’s students, doctoral students, and professional students will distinguish themselves and UNLV through their contributions to research, the professions, and the arts.

Key Measures of Our Success

  • Metrics that demonstrate that UNLV is a school of choice, by tracking yield statistics. [STA K1]
  • A freshmen to sophomore retention rate of 85 percent by 2025. [STA K2]
  • An increase in the six-year graduation rate to 50 percent by 2025. [STA K3]
  • Increase student engagement to 84% by 2025, as measured by the National Survey of Student Engagement and Student Satisfaction Inventory. [STA K4]
  • Decrease in student-to-faculty ratios, as appropriate by discipline, pedagogical needs, and online course delivery options. [STA K5]
  • Improvement in the quality of student educational experiences in teaching and learning, as measured by the Student Satisfaction Index. [STA K6]
  • Student athletes who continue to meet and exceed Academic Progress Rate (APR) requirements. [STA K7]
  • Employer satisfaction with our graduates (local UNLV employers’ survey and the Employers’ Survey done by Hart Research Associates for Association of American Colleges and Universities). [STA K8]
  • Alumni satisfaction, as measured by the Dartmouth University alumni survey. [STA K9]
  • Student satisfaction survey related to student services, campus environment, and safety. [STA K10]
Excited graduates cheer at Commencement.