Student Achievement

UNLV recruits, retains, and graduates a diverse body of students through innovative learning experiences, access to mentoring and research opportunities, and the vibrant campus community.

Objectives and Metrics

Objective 1

Improve student outcomes.

  • Metrics: milestone enrollment, learning outcomes survey, senior exit survey, milestone GPA

Objective 2

Increase undergraduate retention.

  • Metrics: freshman retention rate, student to advisor ratio, co-curricular student engagement activities attendance, undergraduate research participants

Objective 3

Increase undergraduate graduation rate.

  • Metrics: graduation rate, online course enrollment
Excited graduates cheer at Commencement.

Secondary Objectives and Measures

Secondary objectives were developed along with supporting metrics to help assess progress. These measures provide a clear picture of year-to-year progress, supplement the core themes/pathway goal and their metrics, and consist of both quantitative and qualitative measures.

Objective 4

Increase participation in post-secondary education (access).

  • Percentage of 18-24 year olds enrolled at UNLV [STA M4A]
  • Percentage of 25+ year olds enrolled at UNLV [STA M4B]
  • Percentage of new enrollees direct from high school [STA M4C]
  • Percentage of new enrollees scoring a 3 or 4 on ACT College Readiness [STA M4D]

Objective 5

Enhance the student experience and success.

  • Yield statistics (demonstrating UNLV is a school of choice) [STA M5A]
  • Student engagement, as measured by the National Survey of Student Engagement and Student Satisfaction Inventory [STA M5B]
  • Student educational experiences in teaching and learning, as measured by the Student Satisfaction Index [STA M5C]
  • Student satisfaction survey related to student services, campus environment, and safety [STA M5D]
  • Student wellness metrics related to services and academic impact. [STA M5E]

  • Graduation plus transfer rates [STA M5F]

  • Number of students earning a degree [STA M5G]

Objective 6

Close the achievement gap among underserved student populations.

  • Enrollment distribution (percentage) by race/ethnicity [STA M6A]
  • Distribution of degrees (percentage) by race/ethnicity [STA M6B]
  • Number of students earning degrees by race/ethnicity [STA M6C]
  • Graduation rates (percentage) by race/ethnicity [STA M6D]
  • Percentage of minority students at UNLV earning a 3 or 4 on the ACT [STA M6E]

Objective 7

Contribute to the workforce.

  • Degrees produced in high-demand fields [STA M7A]

Additional Indicators* That Demonstrate Success

  • Student athletes who continue to meet and exceed Academic Progress Rate (APR) requirements. [STA S1A]

* Data and information for these indicators are tracked for informational purposes to show support of the overall core theme/pathway goal area.

Students in class
Large U-N-L-V letters displayed at an event
Students dance on stage during UNLV Creates