Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

UNLV will foster a climate of innovation in which faculty and students produce high-quality, widely disseminated, and influential research, scholarship, and creative activities.

Key Measures of Our Success

  • At least $120M/year of research expenditures by 2025. [RSC K1]
  • Increase commercially sponsored research, where appropriate, to at least five percent of total research expenditures by 2025. [RSC K2]
  • At least 200 doctoral degrees granted annually by 2025. [RSC K3]
  • At least 120 non-faculty researchers with PhDs employed by UNLV by 2025. [RSC K4]
  • Rankings by the Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching, federal agencies, and other organizations (i.e., NSF, National Research Council, etc.), particularly Research University/Very High status. [RSC K5]
  • Impact of scholarship and creative activities in the academic and artistic communities, e.g.: [RSC K6]
    • Publications in journals with significant impact, such as those tracked by the Web of Science or equivalent indices. [RSC K6A]
    • Citations. [RSC K6B]
    • Invited or peer-reviewed presentations at premier academic conferences and symposia.  [RSC K6C]
    • Books published with scholarly, peer-reviewed presses. [RSC K6D]
    • Commissioned and/or invited artistic exhibitions or performances. [RSC K6E]
    • Philanthropic support for our research, scholarship, and creative activities. [RSC K6F]
  • Increase breadth and depth of graduate and undergraduate student participation in research [RSC K7]. For example:
    • Articles (single-authored or co-authored with faculty members). [RSC K7A]
    • Presentations at academic conferences (singly or with faculty members). [RSC K7B]
    • Number of students working in laboratories. [RSC K7C]
    • Patents, startups, and other intellectual property developed by students or students jointly working with faculty. [RSC K7D]
  • Increase breadth and depth of economic and cultural impact of the university’s activities on our community, as measured by impact of campus/community cultural events, increased engagement with K-12 education, partnerships with non-profits and public institutions to address social issues, invention disclosures, patents applied for and granted, licensing deals (both exclusive and nonexclusive), number of startups, other intellectual property, revenues, and jobs created from innovations initiated at UNLV. [RSC K8]
  • The number of master’s and professional degrees granted per year, as appropriate for individual academic units. [RSC K9]
Students work on a robot.