Action Plan: Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity


UNLV has established aggressive goals for research, scholarship, and creative activity, with key metrics being identified as research expenditures, doctoral degrees, and non-faculty researchers and postdocs.

Though some initiatives in each of these areas will be managed centrally, it is important that each unit employ actions that align with central initiatives, meet the unique needs of their unit, and promote accountability.

University-wide Initiatives

  • Research Excellence Program
    • Increasing funded research opportunities and support
    • Opportunities for graduate assistants and postdocs with grant activity
  • Research Intensive Faculty
  • Campus-wide Graduate Enrollment Management (GEM) Plan
  • Postdocs
  • Graduate Faculty & Student Support
  • Innovative Programs Committee
Undergraduate research assistant holding a beaker

Recommended Practices Aligned to the Top Tier Strategic Plan

Download the document to learn more about recommended practices.

Recommended Practices Aligned to the Top Tier Strategic Plan - Feb. 2019

UNLV Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Efforts

Updated August 1, 2019

Research Intensive Faculty

  • Committee membership revised in Spring 2019, providing more diversity and breadth
  • A draft hiring contract & MOU template were developed with Office of General Counsel to specify funding, research and teaching expectations, and promotion criteria
  • Six new research-intensive faculty were hired with Health for Nevada funding in two of the strategic hiring areas: health disparities research and neurosciences.
  • Identified issues with Workday business processes that contributed to loss of strong faculty hires:
    • Length of time and number of required steps for hiring approvals
    • Poor hospitality practices when candidates are invited to campus
    • Poor/confusing onboarding steps for new hires

Research Infrastructure

  • Developed VPRED Space Committee and policies to determine space assignments in SEB, HRC, and VPRED-controlled space

Centers, Museums, Institutes and Libraries

  • Developed new review policies and procedures, including less burdensome yearly review process and intensive five year site visit and review

Interdisciplinary and Institute Research Faculty

  • Identified issues specific to support of interdisciplinary and institute faculty:
    • F&A distribution
    • Space allocations
    • GA funding
    • Start-up funds
    • Promotion expectations

Facilities and Administration (F & A)

  • New policy drafted; now under review
  • Draft sets out principles for use of F&A funds:
    • Research infrastructure
    • Administrative support for research
    • Start-up packages / support for faculty, staff, and graduate student research
    • Research compliance
    • Proposal development
  • Primary use: Reinvest in research/ interdisciplinary activities that support Top Tier mission and focus
Student looking into a microscope

Anthropology undergraduate student examines macrobotanical remains (charred food remains) from sites from the north rim of the Grand Canyon

R2PC Committee

  • Fall RPC workshop & Spring Recruitment/Admissions workshop
  • Grad Rebel Gateway Phase 2 for current students, including Docusign online forms
  • GRG P2: Student committee tracking & personalized portal for current students
  • Curriculog for streamlined processing, tracking of curricular & program changes
  • Recruitment flyers & implementing automated recruitment/admissions messaging
  • Spring R2PC reports from each grad program

Postdoc Committee

  • Campus effort to “find” miscoded Postdocs; climate & exit surveys; community building events; Postdoc Handbook drafted

Faculty & Student Support Committee

  • GA Allocation model, guidelines for 3-year allocation, GA program assessment
  • Recommendations on state GA teaching vs. research requirements
  • Report & resources on graduate student health & wellbeing

Innovative Programs Committee (Done by GC without Committee)

  • Implementation of IDGPs in GC
  • Research on Grad Badges (Student fee)
  • Promotion of Certificates
  • Groundwork for Ed Outreach programming
  • Central grad courses