Infrastructure and Shared Governance

To accomplish the other four goals, UNLV continually develops and leverages the conditions necessary for success, which includes an effective organizational structure, an improved infrastructure, a service-oriented culture, meaningful faculty engagement in shared governance, and the capacity for informed decision-making and informed risk-taking.

Objectives and Measures


To enhance essential components of our infrastructure. [ISG M1]

  • Measures: faculty satisfaction, safety, customer service, process improvements, concierge requests, turnover
Construction workers place a beam on a building under construction.

Additional Indicators* That Demonstrate Success

  • Annual satisfaction surveys demonstrating progress. [ISG S1A]
    • Climate [ISG S1Ai]
    • Facilities [ISG S1Aii]
    • Leadership Development [ISG S1Aiii]
    • Customer Service [ISG S1Aiv]
  • The effectiveness, efficiency, and coordination of data collection, data governance, and data delivery to appropriate constituencies for use in university decision-making. [ISG S1B]
  • Depth and diversity of faculty participation in shared governance. [ISG S1C]
  • Development and implementation of an effective leadership organizational structure. [ISG S1D]
  • Development and implementation of emergency management processes. [ISG S1E]

* Data and information for these indicators are tracked for informational purposes to show support of the overall area

Aerial view of campus with Greenspun Hall in the foreground
UNLV sign with sunset in the background