Infrastructure and Shared Governance

To accomplish the other four goals, UNLV will continually develop and leverage the conditions necessary for success, which will include an effective organizational structure, a state-of-the-art infrastructure, a service-oriented culture, meaningful faculty engagement in shared governance, and the capacity for informed decision-making and informed risk-taking.

Key Measures of Our Success

  • Annual satisfaction surveys demonstrating progress toward: [ISG K1]
    • A climate typified by diversity and inclusion and the development of, or proposed changes to, necessary policies to promote such diversity and inclusion. [ISG K1A]
    • The quality, quantity, and flexibility of university facilities for educational, research, and creative activity, as well as the full range of “campus life” activities. [ISG K1B]
    • The extent to which UNLV fosters a positive culture of collaboration, trust, respect, empathy, camaraderie, and mutual success. [ISG K1C]
    • The extent and efficacy of faculty and staff training for leadership development. [ISG K1D]
    • Positive assessments of faculty and staff effectiveness in performing their jobs/tasks well, and having the necessary leadership, management direction, support, and resources to perform their job responsibilities successfully. [ISG K1E]
    • Student, faculty, and administrators’ satisfaction with university facilities and processes. [ISG K1F]
    • Recognition of UNLV as a great place to work, with sterling customer service both inside UNLV and in the broader community. [ISG K1G]
    • Measurable improvements in university business processes. [ISG K1H]
  • The effectiveness, efficiency, and coordination of data collection, data governance, and data delivery to appropriate constituencies for use in university decision-making. [ISG K2]
  • Depth and diversity of faculty participation in shared governance. [ISG K3]
  • Development and implementation of an effective leadership organizational structure. [ISG K4]
Construction workers place a beam on a building under construction.