Community Partnerships*

UNLV stimulates economic development and diversification, fosters a climate of innovation, and enriches the cultural vitality of the communities that we serve.

*In Top Tier 2.0, Economic Development has been separated into its own goal area known as “Socio-Economic Development,” and Community Partnerships is refocused around what we do for the community to enrich it. Updates will follow as this is further developed.

Objectives and Metrics

Objective 1

Create community connections.

  • Metrics: community partners and projects, service-learning courses, service hours, cultural activities attendance, arts-oriented community engagement projects

Objective 2

Cultivate a climate of innovation.

  • Metrics: disclosures submitted, startup (techs), new business starts, Small Business Development Center jobs created and clients served
UNLV's Metal Rebel makes an appearance at the Summerlin Festival of Art at the Downtown Summerlin Mall.

Secondary Objectives and Measures

Secondary objectives were developed along with supporting metrics to help assess progress. These measures provide a clear picture of year-to-year progress, supplement the core themes/pathway goal and their metrics, and consist of both quantitative and qualitative measures.

Objective 3

Engage with the community.

  • Community engagement tracking and satisfaction surveys [CMP M3A]
  • Inclusion of community members in activities sponsored by the UNLV Foundation and the Alumni Association to advance development and fundraising [CMP M3B]

Objective 4

Increase start-up activities and discoveries.

  • Commercially sponsored research [CMP M4A]
  • Revenues [CMP M4B]
  • Capital infusion [CMP M4C]
  • Fundraising [CMP M4D]

Additional Indicators* That Demonstrate Success

  • Enhance the success of UNLV's major athletic programs. [CMP S1A]
    • Measures: student-athletes academic performance, student-athlete community outreach, fan experience surveys, operations
  • Help solve community problems. [CMP S1B]
    • Measures: annual report addressing issues surrounding annual community problem selected (e.g., homeless, domestic violence, children's health, smart decarceration, etc.)
  • Communicate UNLV’s brand and strengths.
    • Measures: annual reports on advertising and branding campaigns [CMP S1C]

* Data and information for these indicators are tracked for informational purposes to show support of the overall core theme/pathway goal area.

Beam Hall with Different Daring Diverse. banner
The community turns out for UNLV's Festival of Communities.