Community Partnerships

UNLV stimulates economic development and diversification, foster a climate of innovation, and enrich the cultural vitality of the communities that we serve.

Key Measures of Our Success

  • Establishment of a thriving Community Engagement Center at UNLV. [CMP K1]
  • Effective partnerships, collaborations, and pipeline programs with our partner educational systems. [CMP K2]
  • Community engagement tracking and satisfaction surveys. [CMP K3]
  • Workforce development and diversification derived from UNLV’s highly qualified graduates who readily gain employment in their preferred careers, particularly in STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics). [CMP K4]
  • Startup activities stemming from discoveries made at UNLV and by UNLV alumni. [CMP K5]
  • Success in UNLV’s major athletic programs. [CMP K6]
  • Creation of a mentoring network of UNLV alumni (both in terms of mentoring UNLV students and in terms of providing a lifelong UNLV connection to UNLV alumni). [CMP K7]
  • Development of a community dashboard and other ways of communicating UNLV’s successes to key constituencies. [CMP K8]
  • As with the Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Goal, increase the breadth and depth of economic and intellectual and cultural impact of the university’s activities on our community.[CMP K9]
  • Inclusion of the community to advance development and fundraising [CMP K10]
  • Communicate UNLV’s strengths to promote the link between progress toward Top Tier and the benefit to the community, the region, the state, the Legislature, and other groups. [CMP K11]
UNLV's Metal Rebel makes an appearance at the Summerlin Festival of Art at the Downtown Summerlin Mall.