Academic Health Center

The Academic Health Center (AHC) fosters a dynamic, humanistic environment that 1) promotes an innovative curricula that prepares a collaborative practice-ready workforce; 2) advances a synergistic pathway toward excellence in research and scholarship; 3) fosters collaborative, comprehensive person-centered clinical services; and 4) stimulates reciprocal community engagement that enhances the visibility and demonstrates the value of the Academic Health Center.

Objectives and Metrics

Objective 1: Provide health care delivery and community service.

Metrics: patient visits, patient satisfaction, graduate students trained

Objective 2: Develop a practice-ready workforce.

Metrics: health care degrees awarded at all levels, diversity and inclusion training

Secondary Objectives and Key Measure Metrics

Objective 3: Education and Research/Scholarship: Increase the capacity and productivity in research scholarship, innovation, and creativity to address the workforce challenges and opportunities of the future.

  • Grants [AHC M3A]
  • Publications [AHC M3B]
  • Presentations [AHC M3C]
  • Interprofessional Team-Based Learning [AHC M3D]
  • Professional Learning Communities [AHC M3E]
  • Turnover [AHC M3F]
  • Faculty Promotion [AHC M3G]
  • Awards ($)[AHC M3H]

Objective 4: Health Care Delivery and Community Service: Provide comprehensive, person-centered care that enhances the quality, accessibility, scope of clinical services, and expands community engagement toward improved collaboration and population health.

  • Exam Pass Rates [AHC M4A]
  • Students Remaining in Nevada after Graduation[AHC M4B]
  • Master Affiliation Agreements[AHC M4C]
  • Patient Visits [AHC M4D]

Objective 5: Wellness and Health Promotion: Develop and implement prevention initiatives that work to improve the health and wellness of UNLV AHC faculty, students, staff, and the surrounding community.

  • Health and Wellness Survey [AHC M5A]
  • Programs [AHC M5B]
  • Campus and Community Partnerships [AHC M5C]

Additional Indicators* That Demonstrate Success

  • Annual Health Sciences Newsletter [AHC S1A]

*Additional indicators do not represent key measures with established goals; rather, data and information for these indicators are tracked for informational purposes to show support of the overall core theme/pathway goal area.

Med student with stethoscope listens to a patient's heart.