Academic Health Center

The Academic Health Center (AHC) fosters a dynamic, humanistic environment that 1) promotes an innovative curricula that prepares a collaborative practice-ready workforce; 2) advances a synergistic pathway toward excellence in research and scholarship; 3) fosters collaborative, comprehensive person-centered clinical services; and 4) stimulates reciprocal community engagement that enhances the visibility and demonstrates the value of the Academic Health Center.

Objectives and Metrics

Objective 1

Provide health care delivery and community service.

  • Metrics: patient visits, patient satisfaction, graduate students trained

Objective 2

Develop a practice-ready workforce.

  • Metrics: health care degrees awarded at all levels, diversity and inclusion training
Academic Health Center Graphic showing the AHC in the center with the various academic units circling the center.

Secondary Objectives and Measures

Secondary objectives were developed along with supporting metrics to help assess progress. These measures provide a clear picture of year-to-year progress, supplement the core themes/pathway goal and their metrics, and consist of both quantitative and qualitative measures.

Objective 3

Education and Research/Scholarship: Increase the capacity and productivity in research scholarship, innovation, and creativity to address the workforce challenges and opportunities of the future.

  • Grants [AHC M3A]
  • Publications [AHC M3B]
  • Presentations [AHC M3C]
  • Interprofessional Team-Based Learning [AHC M3D]
  • Professional Learning Communities [AHC M3E]
  • Turnover [AHC M3F]
  • Faculty Promotion [AHC M3G]
  • Awards ($)[AHC M3H]

Objective 4

Health Care Delivery and Community Service: Provide comprehensive, person-centered care that enhances the quality, accessibility, scope of clinical services, and expands community engagement toward improved collaboration and population health.

  • Exam Pass Rates [AHC M4A]
  • Students Remaining in Nevada after Graduation[AHC M4B]
  • Master Affiliation Agreements[AHC M4C]
  • Patient Visits [AHC M4D]

Objective 5

Wellness and Health Promotion: Develop and implement prevention initiatives that work to improve the health and wellness of UNLV AHC faculty, students, staff, and the surrounding community.

  • Health and Wellness Survey [AHC M5A]
  • Programs [AHC M5B]
  • Campus and Community Partnerships [AHC M5C]

Additional Indicators* That Demonstrate Success

  • Annual Health Sciences Newsletter [AHC S1A]

*Additional indicators do not represent key measures with established goals; rather, data and information for these indicators are tracked for informational purposes to show support of the overall core theme/pathway goal area.

Med student with stethoscope listens to a patient's heart.