Academic Health Center

UNLV’s School of Medicine, in collaboration with other health-related units on campus and with external partners, will foster cutting-edge research, use a creative curriculum, and provide top-notch clinical programs.

Key Measures of Our Success

  • Preliminary accreditation during 2016, provisional accreditation during 2019, and full LCME accreditation during 2021. [AHC K1]
  • Graduate 60 students a year to start, growing to 120 students by 2030. [AHC K2]
  • Generate up to $25 million of external research grants and contracts per year by 2030.  [AHC K3]
  • Recruit 150 new faculty physicians and scientists by 2030. [AHC K4]
  • Generate 5,300 new jobs by 2025, growing to 8,000 jobs by 2030. [AHC K5]
  • Generate an economic impact of $800 million per year by 2025, growing to $1.2 billion by 2030. [AHC K6]
  • Generate $4 of non-state funds for every $1 of state funds. [AHC K7]
  • Secure $150 million of philanthropic support by 2025. [AHC K8]
  • Student metrics: nationally competitive applicant pool, percentage of students from Nevada or with Nevada ties, diversity of student body, and the number of graduates who remain in the region or return to Nevada post-residency training. [AHC K9]
  • Number of PhD programs developed. [AHC K10]
Med student with stethoscope listens to a patient's heart.