UNLV Academic Health Center

UNLV aims to develop Nevada’s first academic health center that will bring teams of physicians, nurses, a wide range of health care professionals, researchers, academic faculty and other medical experts together in one setting to advance the region’s health care.

With five health care professional schools in nursing, integrated health, community health sciences, dentistry, and allopathic medicine, UNLV is perfectly poised to create an academic health center. The academic health center will feature multi-specialty clinics, an integrated faculty practice plan, and an affiliation with a primary teaching hospital, the University Medical Center (UMC) to build needed teaching and residency programs, and research.

The UNLV Academic Health Center vision is to have all health science schools housed primarily at 625 Shadow Lane — in the heart of the Las Vegas Medical District. Students will learn how to deliver high quality care working in health care teams, the importance of population health, and how to develop community partnership.

What is an Academic Health Center?

According to the Association of Academic Health Centers, an academic health center serves as a community’s safety-net health care system. They are the frontline of defense in response to public health outbreaks, natural disasters, local crises, and potential terrorist attacks. Academic health centers provide tertiary and quaternary health care services, specializing in complex and difficult diagnoses and treatments. Their research provides important new knowledge leading to advances in understanding and treatment of diseases. Academic health centers also have a significant economic impact by employing thousands of professionals and staff, while often producing original products and technologies that benefit millions of people worldwide.

An academic health center encompasses all the health-related components of universities, including their health professions schools, patient care operations, and research. They consist of an allopathic medical school, one or more other health profession schools or programs (such as integrated health, dentistry, nursing, public health), and one or more owned or affiliated teaching hospitals or health systems.

UNLV’s Health Profession Schools

Circular diagram depicted the UNLV Health Profession Schools in the middle with the individual units surrounding it.

Join the UNLV Academic Health Center Team

UNLV’s health profession schools welcome volunteer faculty. Join our team today by filling out the form below and submit it for approval along with your CV and license number online. Once you have received a “Volunteer Faculty” appointment you will receive:

  • a UNLV Rebel Card;
  • UNLV library access;
  • eligibility for grant-in-aid (covers 80% of tuition, does not cover any fees); and
  • a UNLV email address.

UNLV Academic Health Center Deans’ Council

The UNLV Deans representing the School’s of Integrated Health, Community Health Sciences, Dental Medicine, Medicine and Nursing have joined together to establish a university-based Academic Health Center. The Council’s mission is to play an integral role to improve the local health and well being of the community and the overall health care economy by:
  1. educating a diverse workforce and training quality health care professionals needed in the state and community
  2. conducting biomedical, translational, and clinical research
  3. providing accessible and high-quality primary and specialty care and community services

Academic health centers provide an environment where adaptation, innovation, education, patient care, research, and community service, come together to become an optimal environment for unique patient-centered and population-based approaches to health care.

Academic Health Center Deans

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Dr. Marc J. Kahn, MD, MBA, MACP, FRCP

Dean, School of Medicine
Dean Marc Kahn
Mail Code: 3070
Phone: 702-895-1296

Ronald T. Brown, Ph.D., ABPP

Dean, School of Integrated Health Sciences
Ronald T. Brown
Office: BHS 542
Mail Code: 3019
Phone: 702-895-3693
Fax: 702-895-1356

Shawn Gerstenberger, Ph.D.

Dean, School of Public Health
Shawn Gerstenberger
Office: BHS 514
Mail Code: 3063
Phone: 702-895-5090

Angela Amar, Ph.D., RN, FAAN

Dean, School of Nursing
Angela Amar
Office: BHS 504
Mail Code: 3018
Phone: 702-895-3906
Fax: 702-895-4807