May. 14, 2020

Once you leave the majestic skies of Earth, the word “cloud” no longer means a white fluffy-looking structure that produces rain. Instead, clouds in the greater universe are clumpy areas of greater density than their surroundings.

Kylies Fung stands in an airport.
May. 14, 2020

Master's student Kylies Fung encourages fellow grads to reflect on how far they've come during their time at UNLV.

UNLV graduate seated with decorated cap
May. 14, 2020

An enduring UNLV end-of-semester tradition is to highlight exceptional students who embody the academic, research, and community impact of the graduating class.

A man stands at a podium in a darkened room
May. 14, 2020

School of Life Sciences grad used fruit flies to study the nature of obesity.

A student holds a sign saying "I Am Public Health"
May. 14, 2020

Public health major embraced new opportunities during her time at UNLV.

A man stands in front of UNLV's bus stop.
May. 13, 2020

Whether studying the health impacts of fuel in mass transit or obesity in HIV patients, the public health grad has pursued meaningful work at UNLV.