Jul. 19, 2011

Woosoon Yim's work focuses on smart materials and the control of dynamic machines. That means things that move in reaction to their environments. That means robots.

Jul. 11, 2011
Paul Dzerk, Kenneth Hughes, Dottie Shank Barnett, and Sandra Obenour-Dowd win awards
Jul. 11, 2011

Southern Nevada Water Authority recognizes university's ongoing efforts to convert grass to desert-friendly landscaping

Jul. 11, 2011
UNLV Hotel College alumnus competes on America's Got Talent.
Jul. 6, 2011

Pat Mulroy's UNLV education launched a unique career. Now she hopes opportunities don't dry up for Nevadans just beginning their careers.

Karla Washington
Jul. 1, 2011
A science teacher. A single mom. First-generation college graduates and business leaders. Read about how UNLV changed their lives and gave them value.