Jul. 23, 2020

This financial aid counselor is working on a master's degree in public administration to help further her UNLV career.

man holding doctor coat over his arm.
Jul. 22, 2020

Students begin their medical school studies despite COVID-19.

woman hugging a student around a crowd
Jul. 21, 2020

Diana Bennett, who assumed new role in May, says leadership starts with listening.

Adam Paul trying to eat a microphone.
Jul. 20, 2020

The director-writer-actor, known for his "Naked Guy" role on TV, takes a queue from Orson Wells to launch podcast series with UNLV students.

A woman practices Hawaiian dance
Jul. 17, 2020

UNLV's only annual off-campus orientation, for students coming to UNLV from Hawaii, takes a virtual turn this spring.

The exterior of the Thomas T. Beam Engineering Complex
Jul. 17, 2020

Donations aimed at pandemic relief, and longer-term endowments, create stability in an increasingly economically unstable environment.