A group of six students wearing red tshirts stand on an outdoor patio with a view of Las Vegas in the background.
Jun. 14, 2019

From epic views to campus landmarks, here's a list of the best places on campus to earn those likes.

Closeup of Doris Blackwell
Jun. 13, 2019

This program officer I advocates for open communication.

man seated at event listening
Jun. 12, 2019

Former UNLV President Don Snyder has played pivotal roles in many key Southern Nevada institutions, including the UNLV School of Medicine

A woman leans against a chain-link fence as the sun sets in the background.
Jun. 11, 2019

A new book reveals how current social structures thwart the mobility of black and brown youth, even those who ‘play by the rules.’

alpacas graze among Inca ruins in Cusco, Peru
Jun. 10, 2019

UNLV Global Entrepreneurship Experience Program students learn about business and tourism at Machu Picchu during the last leg of their journey through Peru.

Lisa Davis standing in tall grass at the Wetlands.
Jun. 10, 2019

A triple UNLV alum, Lisa Davis has found her passion for sustainability, helping people, and adventure in UNLV's MBA programs.