Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity - Milestones


  • Established the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) to elevate the status of undergraduate research at UNLV.
  • Developed VPRED Space Committee and policies to determine space assignments in SEB, HRC, and VPRED-controlled space. Recommendations are based primarily on grant funding, research expenditures, and successful mentoring of graduate students to ensure that the space is being used to maximize research productivity.
  • Developed new review policies and procedures, including less burdensome yearly review process and intensive five year site visit and review for Centers, Museums, Institutes and Libraries
  • Implemented Pivot, an easy-to-use, keyword-searchable database for finding current funding opportunities specifically tailored to research needs for faculty, staff, and students.
  • Established the “Get that Grant” Program which facilitates holistic grants training.

Improved Basic Services to Researchers

  • Hired AVPR.
  • Hired four research administrators for the Office of Sponsored Programs and completed a restructuring of the office.
  • Hired two Human Subjects administrators.
  • Implemented new procedures for IRB review (PI eligibility, desk reject, participant payments).
  • Eliminated back log of IRB protocols and improved turn-around-time.
    • For example: Jan 2020 Expedited TAT = 92.67 calendar days; April 2021 Expedited TAT= 8.6 calendar days.
  • Hired an external consultant to initiate Investigational Drug Service needed for clinical trials.

Streamlined Office of the Vice President for Research

  • Eliminated proposed Office of Research Excellence.
  • Moved NIPM to College of Sciences.
  • Transitioned Economic Development to the Office of the President.
  • Eliminated the yearly printed research magazine (Innovation) and replaced with a monthly internal newsletter.

Incentivized Research

  • Faculty Opportunity Awards: Secured $600,000 over two years from the Research Foundation and UNLV Foundation.