Being able to continue campus communications from off-campus is more important than ever. Cisco Jabber is an application that enables you to place and receive calls on your campus extension, no matter where you are. Cisco Jabber can be installed on most computers and cell phones that have an internet connection.

Help with Jabber

For assistance with Jabber, please contact the OIT helpdesk at 702-895-0777 or at ithelp@unlv.edu. They will be able to resolve the majority of issues and will escalate to Telecom as needed.

Jabber Features

  • Softphone - Use the Jabber application on your cell phone or computer to place, receive and forward calls using your UNLV extension.
  • Voicemail - Listen to, delete, and forward voicemail messages left in your UNLV extension’s mailbox.
  • Chat - Instant message with other Jabber users, individually or in a group.
  • Video Conference - Start a Webex meeting using your Webex personal room or join someone else’s conference.
  • Contacts - Create and manage custom contact lists to organize your communications for users you contact regularly.
  • Presence - Set your status so that other users can see if you are available before calling.


Jabber is available for all UNLV staff or faculty that use a university phone.


There is a one-time charge of $57.50 per user, but there are no additional recurring charges. The one-time charge covers the costs of configuring profiles for each user.

Getting Started

For a new Jabber Request, log in to the Admin Services web portal using your ACE ID and then fill out the request with the following information:

  • Request Category: New
  • Subject: New Jabber Request
  • Billing Account: [Your department's billing acct that will be charged for one-time fees]
  • Monthly Billing account: [Your department's billing acct that will be charged for monthly service fees]
  • Service: Feature
  • Directory Number: [The extension you want to use on Jabber]
  • Feature: Enable Softphone
  • Service Location: [Your on-campus location or "Remote" if you don't have one]
  • Remote Details: [Add any details that will assist in creating your Jabber devices to meet your needs. i.e. any extensions required]