Telecommunications Services (Telecom) is pleased to announce our plan to transition the campus from analog/digital to Cisco’s Voice over IP technology and infrastructure. This is a large step in the direction of a fully converged network as well as moving UNLV forward towards the Internet of Things.


Telecom, in coordination with UNLV’s Office of Information Technology, finalized a contract for three years of new network equipment as well as 5,000 Cisco 8845 IP Phones. The first 1,000 phones arrived on campus on May 13, 2016 and 2,000 phones are planned to be delivered each subsequent year.

Telecom has deployed most of the first 1,000 phones and the next batch of 1,000 is already on campus. Telecom and network technicians will be performing physical surveys of each proposed transition location so we can gather important information for the transition. We ask that you please help the technicians in any way possible so we can efficiently gather as much detailed information as possible in order to provide as smooth of a transition as we can. Gathering accurate information beforehand will allow the technicians to do the vast majority of the work behind the scenes so when it comes time for the swap, all they have to do is disconnect the old phone and connect the new one (for the most part). This will help us reduce the disturbance on you, our customers.


What will it cost to transition?

Over the next three years, Telecom will swap out an eligible analog or digital phone with a Cisco 8845 at no cost to the customer until all 5,000 phones under the current contract are deployed.

What is an eligible phone?

  • Must be in service (cannot be a phone in storage)
  • Must be either analog or digital (connected via phone line)
  • Can be Avaya, Nortel, or another manufacturer
  • Cannot already be VoIP (Cisco)

Can I get changes to my service made during this time?

Of course, you can and we encourage you to work with us to identify the changes that you would like made so that everything is how you’d like it to be after the transition.

Are the costs of the changes covered under the transition?

No. The transition covers the cost of a “one to one” upgrade from an eligible phone to a new Cisco 8845. What this means is, per eligible phone, we’ll duplicate the existing extensions (up to five since the Cisco 8845 can handle a maximum of five extensions per phone) and features to the new Cisco 8845.

What if I currently have and wish to maintain more than five extensions on my new phone?

We have a solution for that, but Telecom will have to charge you for the cost to upgrade from a Cisco 8845 to a Cisco 8865 and Key Expansion Module (KEM) which adds 36 additional extensions per KEM. Telecom will still cover $500 that we would have covered for a Cisco 8845 and only charge the difference of $400. The cost of a Cisco 8865 is normally $600 and the KEM is normally $300.

Is there a published schedule?

Telecom does not plan on publishing a schedule and, given the fluidity of the deployment, believes if anything was published it would be quickly made obsolete as the dates are not set in stone and are subject to many influences.

If there is no published schedule, how will I know when it’s my time?

You will know well before we come by to actually upgrade the phones. Technicians will be meeting with the department contacts to gather needed information, that will be captured and coordinated live via Google Sheets, as well as to communicate more granular times for deployment. While the task is rather daunting, Telecom will be attempting to coordinate whole building and department upgrades at a time and will make a best effort to keep all involved parties informed as the process progresses. While Telecom would love to contact each personally individually and give everyone an individual rundown, that’s just not possible. Telecom will be relying on department contacts, telephone coordinators, assistants, etc… to disseminate information around their departments. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

What if no one has come by?

You may be scheduled for either a year two or later transition.

What if I’m scheduled for a year two or later transition but I would like to upgrade now?

You will either have to wait for your time to get the swap for free or you can purchase the phones through Telecom like you normally would at any time during the transition. Telecom’s costs include the discounted rates from the contract.

I already have Cisco phone, am I eligible for an upgrade?

Telecom’s drive for this transition is to reduce campus complexity and costs by reducing the number of systems needed to provide campus telephony services as well as standardize on a top tier platform for the future. Because of this, no plans are currently in place to swap out existing Cisco infrastructure. However, if you would still like to upgrade, Telecom can provide a new Cisco phone at a reduced cost that includes the contract negotiated discounts, but removes the cost of licensing. Contact Telecom for the most recent hardware rates and discounts.

Do you have a copy of the presentation given at the IT Forum on June 16, 2016?

The presentation is available as a Google Slides presentation.