2016 Talks

 alt="Georgiann Davis"

This Girl Has Balls

by Georgiann Davis

 alt="Cowan Reed"

The Atrophy of Prolonged Pain and How a Father's Choice Changed Lives

by Cowan Reed

 alt="Edwin Edebiri"

Happiness as a Default Position

by Edwin Edebiri

 alt="Jason Steffen"

Extreme Exoplanet Systems

by Jason Steffen

 alt="Ryan Foland"

How Not to Get Chased by A Bear

by Ryan Foland

 alt="Timothy Jones"

The Marimba

by Timothy Jones
Other participants : Lindsay Suta, Ryan Harrison, Kyle Bissantz, and Luc Brust

 alt="Heather Wilde"

Seeing Past the Unknown

by Heather Wilde

 alt="Sam McMullen"

Vegas 2.0: The Greatest Game You Never Played

by Sam McMullen

 alt="Lida Citroen"

The Power of Gratitude and Generosity -- Serving Those Who Have Served

by Lida Citroen

 alt="Alyssa Crittenden"

Hunter -gatherers, Human Diet, and Our Capacity for Cooperation

by Alyssa Crittenden

 alt="Jeffon Seely"

The Power of Compassion in a World of Chaos

by Jeffon Seely

 alt="Frank Curreri"

Building a Better World With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

by Frank Curreri
Other participants : Miesha Tate and Annalyn Molina

 alt="Jeremy Wallace"

Transitioning to Happy

by Jeremy Wallace

 alt="Teresa Larsen"

Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics & Computer Graphics

by Teresa Larsen

 alt="Dre Baldwin"

Too Much Confidence is Not Your Problem

by Dre Baldwin

 alt="Kaiyang Wu"

Awkward: Learning From "I Don't Know"

by Kaiyang Wu

 alt="Uli Geissendoerfer"

Uli Geissendoerfer Trio

by Uli Geissendoerfer
Anglo Stokes, Drums
David Ostrem, Cello

 alt="Bryan Bornholdt"

The Need for Risk and Mentoring

by Bryan Bornholdt

 alt="Sheila K. Collins"

When Death Threatens Someone We Love -- Life Really Matters

by Sheila K. Collins