Stats consist of a value and a description and can be accompanied by an icon.


  • Icons are not required, but can add visual value. View a list of available icons.
  • When adding icon code, add the .fa-3x class to size the item to the examples below.
  • Stat values should be short. Try not to exceed 10 characters.
  • Use the superscript element for special characters that precede (i.e. #) or follow (i.e. %) the value.
  • Stat descriptions are labels and not complete sentences. Be as brief as possible and try not to exceed 70 characters.
  • Do not link text within the stat label/description. Use a click-regions like in the second example.

Basic Example  Code

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit
Morbi pretium eros ac risus tempor vulputate
Suspendisse sed lorem viverra blandit orci eget blandit mauris
10 to 1
Morbi sed magna blandit egestas magna sed

Click-Region Example  Code