Secondary Menus

Secondary menus can be used when for when a section of a website needs additional navigation.

Example and Usage  Code

  • The secondary menu is not to be used as a replacement for the menu drawer, which opens from the hamburger menu icon in the red bar. The secondary menu is to only be used when a section of a website is so dense that it needs additional navigation.
  • When using this type of navigation, the main content area is being split into columns. Therefore, full width layouts can no longer be used. Examples of this are sections with colored backgrounds and heros.
  • This example is a statically coded menu. If this solution is needed on Drupal, a standard Drupal menu can be created and dynamically pulled into the necessary pages using the Context module. The Policies section of the About UNLV website is an example where this was done. The menu links are still static, but there is not separate code instances on each page.
  • This menu is responsive and will collapse in mobile view.
  • Note the the column classes used in this example. They seem to work best in this scenerio.