Expansion Financial Information

The Student Union is primarily funded by student facility use fees. We also receive some state funds, money from retail vendors and some basic services. We also receive funds from Event Services areas for the rental and use of building meeting rooms. Our goal is to minimize the burden on student fees as a part of this project. As such, we are looking at alternative sources for funding which could include:

  • Donation in exchange for building naming rights
  • Donations from alumni and community members
  • Funds from Bookstore and Food Service providers for construction
  • Additional state facility use operational funds
  • Surcharges from non-students on other campus services

In addition, by having a highly-sustainable and energy-efficient building in the construction and design, we will off-set and lower fees by saving money in utilities for the long-term.

In this project, we are going to squeeze the most out of the building as possible for the money received. Spaces will be purposeful, useful and student-centered. Flexibility as a core value will reinforce this. A space may be a lounge during the day when the need is greatest. However, it may be converted to a meeting room in the evenings, weekends and summers when that need changes. This eliminates the need for us to pay for two separate spaces.

The design and use of the facility will feature simple and easily-maintained products. This will keep costs lower for replacement, cleaning and maintenance.

As we get financial information, we will put it on this web page as a part of the project.