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Student Conduct

Students’ Rights and Responsibilities at UNLV

UNLV continually strives to establish a spirit of community in accordance with the highest standards of academic excellence and freedom, institutional integrity, and constitutional protections. Such an environment is essential in fostering intellectual growth and achievement. Each member of the university shares the responsibility of maintaining conditions conducive to the achievement of the university’s purpose. The UNLV Student Conduct Code is designed to provide basic standards to ensure a means to fulfill this purpose.

Student Conduct Process

View our flow chart to see what the process is once an alleged incident happens and is reported to our office.

Student Conduct Code

Read our conduct code.

Common Conduct Terms Defined

Definitions of commonly used terms in the student conduct process.

Student Conduct Hearing Board

Learn about the board’s role in the student conduct process.

Student Conduct Hearing Board & Academic Integrity Appeal Board

Learn about the opportunities within the Student Conduct Hearing Board.