Presentations and Trainings Offered

Office of Student Conduct Overview

This condensed presentation provides a general overview of OSC, including an introduction to the staff and the mission, goals, and services the office provides.

Student Rights and Responsibilities/UNLV Student Conduct Code

This presentation is typically requested by faculty, staff, and departments (i.e. athletics). This presentation is tailored to fit the needs of the given audience and is designed to provide an overview to the UNLV Student Conduct Code and Selected University Policies, the Alcohol Response Policy, and the Student Academic Misconduct Policy. Oftentimes, this presentation leads to follow-up conversations/presentations.

Student Organization Rights and Responsibilities/UNLV Student Conduct Code

This presentation is designed to provide an overview to theUNLV Student Conduct Code as it relates to UNLV student organizations. Annually, all registered student organizations are required to send a representative to this presentation as part of the Student Involvement and Activities Student Organization Registration Process.

Conflict Resolution

This presentation provides an overview of conflict and conflict management strategies and can be tailored to student, faculty, or staff populations.

Managing Disruptive Behavior

Primarily offered for faculty, staff, and graduate teaching assistants, this presentation focuses on preventing, de-escalating, and addressing disruptive behavior situations in classroom and other campus settings.

Promoting Academic Integrity/Preventing Academic Misconduct

This program is designed for academic departmental retreats/meetings, departmental chair meetings, graduate assistant/adjunct instructor trainings, and faculty senate academic standards committee meetings and includes a thorough explanation of the UNLV Academic Misconduct Policy and reporting process. It can also be tailored for in-class presentations.