Background Checks & Dean’s Certifications

For the purposes of employment and educational conduct-related background checks, the Office of Student Conduct serves as the signing authority for UNLV. This service includes background checks for government agencies; undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools; professional and licensure associations; etc. Student authorization is required on all forms.

* Conduct Checks for Student Leaders & Student Employees
The Office of Student Conduct encourages UNLV departments and programs to request conduct checks for students applying for leadership positions or student employment, special programs, or for students who are being nominated for an award or scholarship to ensure that students are in good standing with the university.
* All student conduct check requests must be electronically submitted using this template.

Request a Conduct Check

Please follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Obtain a signed Release of Information from each student (see example below).
  2. Download and save a copy of the Excel Spreadsheet Template to your computer.
  3. Insert the required information into the Excel spreadsheet and save.
  4. Complete the Student Leader/Employee Conduct Check Form.
  5. Attach your saved Excel spreadsheet from your computer.
  6. Press submit.

Updated Excel files will be emailed back to the email address you provided.

Example Release of Information for Applications

By signing below, I authorize [Department] to request my conduct history from the UNLV Office of Student Conduct for consideration as part of my application for [program/the position of X]. I voluntarily give this consent with the understanding that the information shared with [Department] will not be used for any other purposes and will not be disseminated to anyone outside of the selection committee.