Mediation Process

  1. Mediation Request

    A request for mediation must be filled with the Office of Student Conduct. The request should be in writing and it must include a complete description of the disagreement including the date, time, place and name(s) of the persons involved.
  2. Notification of Second Party

    The Office of Student Conduct staff member will notify the individual(s) named in the mediation request in writing. The letter will inform the student(s) of the request and the appropriate steps to take. Both parties must agree to mediation for the process to continue. If there is no agreement for the request, the dispute may be forwarded to the Office of Student Conduct for a formal hearing.
  3. Appointment of Mediator

    Upon agreement to the mediation, a mediator will be appointed to the case. The mediator will be a neutral student with no personal connection to or knowledge of the disagreement. The peer mediator should also have no personal or professional relationships with participants, except where neutrality can be preserved.
  4. Scheduling of Mediation Meeting

    Upon selection of the mediator, the initial mediation meeting will be scheduled. The meeting time and place will be decided by all three parties in an effort to accommodate the schedules of those involved. The meeting will take place in a neutral location to ensure fairness and impartiality.
  5. Facilitation of Mediation Meeting

    The mediator will facilitate the meeting by ensuring that all meeting rules agreed to and set by all participants are followed. The mediator will also follow all steps set by the program including maintaining impartiality, filling reports, etc. The type and length of mediation meetings can vary depending on the issue(s) and time availability of participants.There are three reported types of mediation meeting styles:
    • Periodic: sessions held at regular intervals.
    • Marathon: single session that lasts until dispute is resolved.
    • Crisis: a shorter, single session that deals only with crisis issues.
  6. Resolution

    The goal of the mediation is to develop an agreement between the involved parties. All parties involved must agree to the mediation agreement. The Office of Student Conduct or designee must approve all agreements. The Agreement must be formalized in writing, including signatures from both parties. If no agreement is reached in a conflict involving an alleged conduct code violation, the matter will be forwarded to the Office of Student Conduct for further action. If the steps outlined in the resolution agreement are not honored the case will be forwarded to the Office of Student Conduct.