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Mediation Services

The Office of Student Conduct provides mediation services for any UNLV faculty, staff or student. Mediation is a voluntary, self-empowering process in which an impartial or neutral third party helps participants discuss, negotiate and reach a mutually acceptable settlement to their disagreement.

Benefits of Peer Mediation

  • The process allows both parties in a dispute to be heard equitably.
  • The process allows for a more timely resolution and can provide a learning opportunity.
  • It gives students a chance to approach issues in new ways.
  • It provides students with new ways of thinking.
  • It gives students a greater sense of control over the situation and solution.
  • Students will learn new approaches to resolving conflicts using skills such as active listening, conflict management, civil discussion, collaboration, and team work.

Mediation is a private and confidential decision-making process where the participants hold the power to solve their disagreements by actively engaging in an open dialogue.

Mediation Process

UNLV Peer Mediation Team

The mediator, part of our Peer Mediation Team, will be a neutral student with no personal connection to or knowledge of the disagreement. The peer mediator should also have no personal or professional relationships with participants, except where neutrality can be preserved. Find out how you can become a member of our mediation team.


Rights and Responsibilities of the Peer Mediators and Participants

Find out what are your rights and responsibilities are for participating in our program.

Request Mediation

Fill out a Mediation Program Referral Form with the Office of Student Conduct. The request should be in writing and it must include a complete description of the disagreement including the date, time, place and name(s) of persons involved.

Agreement to Mediate

Fill out the Agreement to Mediate Form agree to participate in mediation with the intention of resolving all issues, and understand your rights in the process.