The Office of Student Diversity Programs aims to serve as a resource for students to unite around, educate about, and advocate against social injustices that affect our campus, local, national, and global communities. The Office of Student Diversity Programs promotes the empowerment and collaboration of all individuals through creating an awareness, community space, and providing support in order to take action and transform lives in the realm of diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice.

Visit Us

Houssels House (HOU) is located on Brussels Road, across from the Architecture Building.

Academic Year Hours

Mon.–Thurs.: 9 a.m.–8 p.m.
Fri.: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Closed until further notice.

HOUS History

Sometimes seen as the “little house on campus,” the Houssels House was moved onto UNLV’s campus in 1983. Formally housing various offices and academic programs including Women’s Studies, a Multicultural Center, and Paranormal Studies, the Houssels House has served the UNLV campus in many ways. In 2012, students urged administrators to create a center for social justice because they wanted to have a space where they could engage in critical conversations around social justice issues that are prevalent in everyday life.

Room/Building Reservation Process

The Office of Student Diversity Programs can provide event and meeting spaces for student organizations, academic departments, and relevant community agencies. All of our rooms have flat screen TVs with wireless capability and HDMI/VGA connection. Unfortunately, not all of our spaces are fully accessible. Although we do have an ADA compliant ramp at the front and back of the building, we only have one classroom that is ADA compliant (113) and one bathroom on the first floor. Please be aware of accessibility issues before scheduling events.

Any requests outside of our hours of operation will most likely not be accommodated. Rooms at the Office of Student Diversity Programs can be reserved through Student Union and Event Services. The Office of Student Diversity Programs reserves the right to refuse a reservation for any reason.


The Office of Student Diversity Programs lounge provides students the opportunity to interact with one another in a relaxed and open environment. It is a haven for support, solidarity, and sharing among student identities. The lounge space is on the first floor and features comfortable couches, free coffee, and magazines.

Reflection Room

The Office of Student Diversity Programs currently has the only interfaith space on campus available for the UNLV community to engage in spiritual practice. Whether you need to pray, reflect, or meditate, the Reflection Room is available to individuals on a first come, first serve basis to utilize for up to 20 minutes. This space also serves as a lactation room.

Library: Books

While the Lied Library offers a huge selection of books, the Office of Student Diversity Programs Library contains a variety of identity and social justice based books for UNLV students to enjoy.