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All pages within the Jean Nidetch Women's Center section contain an Escape button that will redirect you to the UNLV homepage. Please do not hesitate to click the button if you feel you may be in danger of being monitored or not in a safe environment to view resources about abuse, assault, violence, and ways to get help.

The Jean Nidetch Women’s Center (JNWC) is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all genders through programming, services, and advocacy for the UNLV community.

The JNWC envisions a UNLV community where all students "learn, work, play, and love"* without experiencing or fearing sexual assault or relationship violence. We are committed to the belief that all undergraduate and graduate students have the right to a violence-free, supportive community. We are ending sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking at UNLV by promoting social change on multiple levels, centering on empowering students as agents of positive transformation. We are creating a campus where survivors are not blamed for the violence perpetrated against them. We maintain a balance of educating the UNLV community, advocating for survivors and responding to crisis, increasing campus safety, encouraging bystander intervention, empowering students as leaders, and advocating for proactive change at all social and institutional levels.

*World Health Organization, Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, first version 1986.

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