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Peer Education

Peer Education is one of the best ways to get involved on campus. We offer presentations for your classroom, department, and organization. See which group (or groups) interests you!

Healthy Rebels

Healthy Rebels are peer educators who teach, advocate, and encourage healthier lifestyles. They complete a national certification program (Certified Peer Educator – CPE) and work with UNLV Student Wellness staff to conduct programs, presentations, and events on safer sex, alcohol, impaired driving, stress, relationships, cancer prevention, and much more. They are members of the BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA and work with peer educators at other universities to develop health education campaigns. Click here to request a presentation and learn more!

Click here to learn more and how to become a member!


We are a group of UNLV students who are in long-term recovery from addictive disorders, students who are clean and sober or students who have been impacted by addiction during their lifetime. Our members come from all different backgrounds, but we share the common goal of recovery, education, resiliency and service. Our activities include support groups (12-step meetings, recovery process groups), substance-free events and education on addiction recovery in college.

For questions regarding our collegiate recovery program, please contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), 702-895-3627,

CARE Advocates

Our mission is to grant access to knowledge, increase sensitivity, and change individual attitudes about sexual violence through our peer education program. CARE Advocate members are trained to do presentations and help facilitate conversations on a variety of topics to your UNLV department, organization, or classroom. CARE Advocate members participate in campus activism around violence prevention.

If you are interested in becoming a member or want to schedule a presentation, contact 702-895-4475 or

Rebel Advocates

Rebel Advocates — the brand new, peer-to-peer education program out of the Center for Social Justice at UNLV! Rebel Advocates will be trained to facilitate presentations, discussions, workshops, and events that raise awareness to social justice issues and diversity.

If you would like to become a member or want to schedule a presentation, contact 702-895-4102 or

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