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Group Fitness Classes

Rebel X Group Exercise classes are free for students enrolled in 3.5 or more credit hours and SRWC Members. No registration needed. Drop-ins only.

Group exercise is a great way to stay motivated in your fitness routine. These workouts are prepared and led by our certified instructors and guaranteed to bring you a fun and exciting fitness experience.

Spring 2017 Group X Schedule (print-ready)

Class Descriptions


A new popular class that is ballet-inspired, incorporating a ballet barre and maybe some plies and pirouettes here and there into the workout. Barre classes mix elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training, and the moves are choreographed to motivating music. This class will improve strength, cardio, mobility, and flexibility.


Take a jab at learning the science of boxing and a tough total body workout. This class features traditional boxing moves, combinations, and skipping drills to increase muscular strength, coordination and cardiovascular fitness.


Take your workout to the next level! This 60-minute, high intensity sports conditioning class will focus on strength, agility, and speed in a nonstop cardio/strength format.

Core X

Short on time or looking for that extra push? Let us get your heart pumping with core-specific exercises to strengthen the most integral part of your body.

Ballroom Dance

Dance is the universal language of movement. Experience the joy of moving to music while improving your fit-ness and burning 300–500 calories! No experience required. Combine social leisure with specialized exercise. DanceSport enhances cardio fitness, stamina, flexibility, as well as balance and coordination. Dance styles can actually be applied to social situations outside of the health and competition circuit.


High energy cardio workout. Express yourself with freeform movements and learn choreographed routines

Hot Island Hula

This class includes basic hip movements, traveling across the floor, and a short routine. The stretches and isolations tone and strengthen the abs and thighs, and the use of different rhythms in different parts of the body helps improve coordination. Great conditioning for ballet, tap or hip hop.


This water based class will use specially designed equipment to work on both strength and aerobic training. The class will consist of resistance training inside the pool which is the best form of no/low impact strength training. Proper swimsuit attire is required

Indoor Cycling

A group experience on specifically designed stationary bikes.Our instructors will guide you through an intense ride, describing hills and simulating the terrain. You have the freedom to make your workout as challenging as you want. For your comfort and safety, arrive 5–10 minutes early for bike set-up. Class is limited to 11 participants on a first come first serve basis.


Uses a series of throws, as well as grappling techniques, to win a judo match, where other martial arts use kicking and punching. Judo training includes self-defense, cardiovascular training, strength conditioning, improving balance and self-confidence.


Create a balance between strength and flexibility. Helps stress relief, improved posture, coordination, balance, flexibility and increased core strength and inner awareness.


This is a full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and isometric poses. Burn between 400-900 calories, strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles, and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique!

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a graceful form of exercise that focuses on slow movements and balance. Come ready to learn how to control your breathing, meditate and reduce stress and anxiety.

U-JAM Fitness

This is an athletic urban dance fitness workout that combines dance and high energy music for a workout that is bound to get your heart rate up, your body moving, and make you work up a sweat all while having FUN!


Dynamic series of poses to increase flexibility, physical strength, and inner balance. Emphasis on alignment, coordinated with the breath, self-awareness and deep relaxation.


This class combines Latin and international music with dance to make exercise fun. Aerobic interval training with a combination of rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.

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