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Voluntary Health Withdrawal

UNLV students may apply for a Voluntary Health Withdrawal (a separation of the student from the university) if they experience medical or psychological conditions that significantly impair their ability to function successfully and safely in their role as a student.

Deadline to request VHW for Fall 2016 is December 5, 2016.

A student must be enrolled in the current semester to be eligible for a Voluntary Health Withdrawal.

VHW can only be applied to the current semester (before grades are posted).

If VHW is approved, all classes for the semester are removed from transcript. The student cannot select “1 or 2” courses — VHW applies to all courses for the semester or none.

  • After a grade is posted for a course, VHW cannot override posted grade. Student would petition Faculty Senate.
  • Voluntary Health Withdrawal cannot be retroactively applied to a previous semester.
  • Fall 2016 "Request for a Voluntary Health Withdrawal" documentation must be submitted by December 5, 2016. This deadline is firm.

The Voluntary Health Withdrawal policy does not extend to family members who are ill.

  • If a student experiences hardship due to caring for an ailing family member, the student would not request a Voluntary Health Withdrawal. The student can submit a petition to Faculty Senate in this instance.

Download and work with your Health Care Provider to complete the forms, found in the pdf link to the right.

  • Submit completed forms:
    • Via fax: 702-895-4316
    • In Person: Student Wellness Center Front Desk, located in the SRWC. (Student Wellness Center entrance is on the first floor, across from the restrooms and water fountains. Do NOT turn your forms in to the desk where you enter the gym.)
    • By mail:

      University of Nevada, Las Vegas c/o – Student Wellness
      Box 452005
      4505 S. Maryland Pkwy.
      Las Vegas, NV 89154-2005

      • Review of request and subsequent processing, if approved, may take 14-28 college working days.

If request for a Voluntary Health Withdrawal is approved, the Health Withdrawal Committee works with Office of the Registrar and Student Accounts to:

  • Place student in "Leave of Absence" (LOA) status.
  • "Remove all traces of the classes registered for that semester, so nothing will show on the transcript for that term."
  • Process a tuition refund for credit hours, as applicable.
    • Please note: special fees cannot be refunded.
    • If student received financial aid or scholarship, student should contact Financial Aid Office at 702-895-3424.
    • Requesting and receiving a Voluntary Health Withdrawal does not absolve student from Financial Aid policies and responsibilities and Financial Aid funds used to pay tuition and fees is unlikely to be “refunded” to the student.

Procedure to Request a Voluntary Health Withdrawal

  • Forms required to process VHW are:
    • Request for a Voluntary Health Withdrawal Form (to be completed by student)
    • Health Care Provider Evaluation Summary for Health Withdrawal Form (to be completed by health care provider)
    • Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information Form (to be completed by student with provider’s information filled in on mid-left-hand side)

These three forms are required by the Health Withdrawal Committee. A student may submit additional supporting documentation if he/she would like, but additional documentation does not replace the 3 forms listed above.

Request to Return From a Voluntary Health Withdrawal

If VHW is approved, student is placed in "Leave of Absence" (LOA) status. Student must complete "request to return" paperwork and be approved to return, in order to register for courses in the future.

1. Forms required to return from VHW are:

  • Letter/memo of intent to return (to be written by student)
  • UNLV Medical/Mental Health Clearance Form (to be completed by provider)
  • Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information Form (to be completed by student with provider’s info filled in)

2. Forms are mailed to student with the Voluntary Health Withdrawal approval letter, after the initial process has been completed.

Forms can also be picked up at Wellness Center Front Desk or student can request forms via mail or email.

If a student requires assistance with voluntary health withdrawal policies and procedures, the student can call at 702-895-0136.

Petitions and Appeals

If a Voluntary Health Withdrawal is not a viable option, a student may complete a petition or an appeal form, in attempts to remove course from transcript or request tuition refund.

Instructions can be found at the following websites:

The above listed forms are options instead of requesting voluntary health withdrawal.

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