Meet Our Alumni


  • Giselle Velasquez, Ph.D.
    Selling Knowledge: A Sociological Analysis of Attorney Advertisements in Las Vegas


  • Fred Krauss, Ph.D.
    The Boys Club: An Exploration into the social world of a Las Vegas Casino Sports Book


  • Troy McGinnis, Ph.D.
    Quest for Quotidian: A National Survey of Non-Heterosexual Attitudes Toward Marriage
  • Dana Maher, Ph.D.
    The Sociology of Scenes: The Sacramento Poetry Scene


  • Lisa Sarmicanic, Ph.D.
    Human and Pet Interaction: Companion Animals and the Formation of Identity
  • Kael Goodwin, M.A.
    Grandchildren and Grandparents: Intergenerational Care Exchange
  • Crystal Jackson, M.A.
    From a Stripper to a Worker Who Strips: Changing Concepts of Femininity and Sexuality in Strip Club Legislation
  • Brooke Wagner, M.A.
    Being a 'Bad' Girl: One Woman's Construction of Intimacy


  • Kathryn Gilpatric, Ph.D.
    Violent Women in Film and the Sociological Relevance of the Contemporary Action Heroine


  • Monique Balsam-Diderich, Ph.D.
    Sibling Relationships in Remarried Families.
  • Valerie Bugni, M.A.
    A Case: Study of Culture and Change in a Small Architecture Firm


  • Coleen Hall-Patton, Ph.D.
    Quilting Between the Revivals: The Cultural Context of Quilting 1945-1970
  • Kathleen Nelson, Ph.D.
    Sociological Theories of Career Choice: A Study of Workers in the Special Events Industry
  • Cheryl Radeloff, Ph.D.
    Vectors, Pollutants, and Murderers: HIV Testing Policies Toward Prostitutes in Nevada
  • Roger Roots, Ph.D.
    Capitalism and Violence: A Test and Critique of the Alienation Proposition
  • Michael Restivo, M.A.
    Balanced Biosocial Theory for the Social Sciences
  • Marshall Smith, M.A.
    Ideology and Interaction in Internet Action Video Games


  • Pete Simi Ph.D.
    Rage in the City of Angels: the Historical Development of the Skinhead Subculture in Los Angeles.
  • Megan Hartzell, M.A.
    Emerging Identities: New Subjects within Gay Adoption.
  • Bryan James, M.A.
    Gender Differences in Predictions of Filipino Out-Marriage
  • Candace Seppa Arroyo, M.A.
    Labor Violations and Discrimination in the Clark County Outcall Entertainment Industry