Room of nursing students with an instructor around a simulation manikin.

Each of the five high-fidelity simulation rooms recreate a specific hospital environment such as an emergency department or labor and delivery room. In each room a specialized high-tech manikin allows students to take vital signs and make assessments while providing an opportunity to practice professional communication, team management, task performance and decision making. Through a two way mirror to the central control center, faculty and staff continually monitor student performance and can dynamically alter patient physiology, dialogue and behavior in real time. Twenty minute scenarios are live streamed to the rest of the class in one of four debriefing rooms, and are digitally recorded for playback and discussion. The realistic environment and lifelike manikin quickly entice students to engage in simulation and respond to the patient’s specific needs, preparing students for real life scenarios they will face in their professional careers.

These labs utilize three state-of-the-art Simman 3G’s from Laerdal, as well as the Noelle Birthing manikin and pediatric models from Gaumard. The audio and video feeds from the labs and debriefing rooms are digitally captured and recorded for playback by nine B-Line Simcapture servers and managed by Simbridge.

From the Sim Control, simulation technicians and faculty watch students (through a two-way mirror) interact with high fidelity manikins in rooms designed to be realistic hospital environments. Simulation technicians work with faculty to create dynamically changeable scenarios that require students to make assessments and take action while actively communicating with other team members, the patient and the patient’s family. Scenarios last about 20 minutes and have specific goals to guarantee students have unique learning experiences, which may be rare in an actual clinical setting.

The Gaumard Noelle 575 manikin can showcase a baby in several ways (including breech and shoulder dystocia) to demonstrate to learners the many complexities of childbirth. Manikins can be auscultated for blood pressure, lung heart and bowel sounds, and can also present pulses, speak, dilate pupils, take IVs, injections, NG Tubes and intubation. Students are encouraged to watch the orientation video prior to their scheduled lab.