Community Partner FAQs

What might be considered a service-learning project?
  • Direct service to your clientele by students in a particular degree program
  • Marketing planning and analysis
  • Operations assessments
  • Event and program planning
  • Fundraisers, supply drives, and walks
  • Research, as specified by your organization
  • Business planning
  • Any need you may have that correlates with the learning outcomes for one or more courses at UNLV
How are service-learning students different from regular volunteers?

Students in service-learning courses work at community agencies as a part of course requirements in order to serve as a “real-life” text for their course objectives. In addition, by agreeing to partner with UNLV, you agree to become a certified community co-educator. This agreement requires you to educate students about your organization’s mission, be available to answer questions, and provide students with the necessary information to complete their course assignments.

How can I connect with faculty members?

Please contact Amanda Boehmer at [email protected] to discuss your needs.

I’m already working with a faculty member on campus, but they do not utilize your office in service learning. Why is this?
Our program is fairly new, and we have not yet been able to capture the true incidence of service learning on campus. Please continue to utilize your existing partnerships; however, it would be greatly appreciated if you would let us know who you are working with currently. When we are able to reach out to faculty members to offer our services, it usually results in an easier, more streamlined experience for all involved.