Joining a Greek Organization

Council-by-Council Recruitment Schedule

IFC Fraternity Formal Recruitment

Formal recruitment activities are held in the beginning of each fall and spring semester. Interested college men have the opportunity to explore options with each chapter through multiple events hosted by the individual chapters. Minimum requirements for joining an IFC fraternity include:

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of a 2.65
  • Currently enrolled in at least nine UNLV credit hours
  • You must register for IFC Fraternity Recruitment

Multicultural Greek Council Fraternity and Sorority Recruitment

Recruitment for the multicultural Greek chapters is conducted on a chapter-by-chapter basis. Times and requirements vary for each chapter. For more information about joining one of these chapters, contact Fraternity & Sorority Life Staff or the respective chapter.

  • Chapters schedule a series of recruitment activities for potential new members to take part in.
  • Each organization hosts their recruitment events at the beginning of each semester; however, not all organizations take new members each semester.
  • Each chapter has a set of requirements for membership determined by their national organization.

NPHC Fraternity and Sorority Intake

Intake is the membership selection process for students interested in NPHC organizations. The process differs from organization to organization and may include interviews, group activities, and study of group values/traditions. Each organization hosts their intake processes at various times in the academic year.

Typically, you must have achieved a minimum of the following in order to be eligible for intake:

  • Attained at least second-semester freshman status
  • Attained at least a 2.50 cumulative GPA
  • Other requirements (i.e., service hours, community involvement, campus leadership) vary by organization.

To get more information on NPHC sororities, it is best to attend their campus events and visit individual national and chapter websites.

NPHC chapters do not have a formally structured council recruitment.

PHC (Panhellenic) Sorority Formal Recruitment

Get more information about PHC, sorority life, and UNLV chapters.

Formal recruitment consists of a four-day period through which interested college women meet the members of all seven PHC sororities:

  • Each chapter has a set of requirements for membership determined by their national organization.
  • Interested women will have the opportunity to learn about chapter activities, interact with initiated members of each organization and ask questions
  • Interested women are required to register for formal recruitment and there is a non-refundable participation fee.

To participate in formal recruitment, potential new members are required to attend all recruitment events.

Open Recruitment

IFC fraternities have the opportunity to continue offering invitations to membership after their formal recruitment periods. The decision is made on a chapter-by-chapter basis. PHC sororities that are not at chapter total of 124 members have the option of participating in open recruitment until they reach total.